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I love drama, I love it in my daytime soaps, I love watching it unfold as a backstory for characters in a series, even if the series is so not drama focused. I LOVE LOVE LOVE teen angst Drama, excuse me Gossipgirl you can Ex Oh Ex Oh me seven days a week – pouts because I miss my fix – and I mean OMG don’t even try and tell me you weren’t loving the whole; she slept with him… but really it was her sister pretending to be the neighbour drama.

There is no new drama really, it all seems to have come from the oldest of sources. For me I would consider the Opera to be one of those, I mean woah, that is some kind of messed up drama up there. Seriously though if you have your own passion for Drama, you should check out this link, it can get you started on writing your own Soap, what fun.

As soon as I saw this combination from LeLUltra (LeLutka) collection, I thought instantly of a girl taken by some dastardly demon boss, who she then escaped from and formed her own rebellion against his tyranny. Yes I have been playing too much WoW lately. I mean seriously if that isn’t a high level Mantle I don’t know what is – snickers because some hunter was all up in my stuff about needing and greeding last week, and I so don’t give a rats, but told him if he came near my SL inventory I would kill him.

The incredible structure to this set is just gorgeous, the lower hips portion is so visual of a full blown gown skirt, or at least the support under frame, which has been discarded to kick bum. I love it, and I also love that fitting it was a breeze, I actually don’t think I had to resize it at all. The clothing layers would actually be incredibly wearable on their own, or using the top with some tailored pants, ala Greta Garbo.

Now the skin I am wearing I first saw mentioned by Achariya <3 , she was all secret squirrel business about a friend/creator etc etc, and then Ashia was all squeeling up in my box about needing to know who the creator was…we were actually guessing, which was fun. I guessed Hya because of the bird reference.

Anywho, Achariya and I chatted about it, and it is of course Fade Lei , the sister of Fade Dana, the wonderfully talented creator behind The Hat Mechanic. So I was all like day after her post, I am so blogging that, and then Newdoll TP’d me to her store – they are really good friends too – and I tpd Mel – seriously the way Fade and Mel hit it off I was in awe of her banter and skin making skills, they were fast compadres , if she is now serving hobo pies it would be because of him lol.

I was trying on all the skins, and loving the detailing that was done on the face, as well as what I could see of the body, and then I found my one, the Yasmin, you see Fade only wanted to do pale, a hundred different shades of pale if she could get away with it, but she did Yasmin under duress and it was a win for me. I snapped up a pack – the prices are crazy low – and then we spent even more time there, just chatting with Newdoll and Fade, but it was more Mel and Fade lol.

While I wouldn’t wear many of the make ups full time, I did wear this black liner, black lips for a couple of days straight, yeah I know I have been slack keeping them all to myself lol. The bodies of these skins have a light tan lines effect, not overly done, just subtle realism, to show that yes we do wear undies. The shading and work overall is splendid actually, I cannot wait to see where Fade takes her store, direction wise I think she is spot on doing her own thing as it comes, and it shows, she is a delight to meet, so if you do have the chance to natter with her do.

With this outfit and the New hair from Exile, isn’t it adorable, I am so feeling like a Yodel. Traveling south though, if you have a thing for over the knee boots, and latex then these are a find…well not so much a find as I already shop in the store lol, but these were the latest releases my last visit, again me keeping things from you :P. Totally perfect for kicking people that need it.


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Picture 1:

Hair: Molly – Exile

Skin: Yasmin – Ugly Duck

Clothes: Macabre Warrior – LeLUltra

Shoes/Boots: Natalie – WD-S (war doom shoes)

Accessories: Casablanca Earrings – Essentia

Takara Nail/Buddha silver – Mandala

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Vista

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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