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It took my breathe away. Some may think that Second Life is not real, but the experience many of us had yesterday certainly felt it. It was the kind of event that made you realise, wow we have talent here, this is not just dressing up, this is art, this is talent, and above all…this is Fashion.

“Fashion is as profound and critical a part of the social life of man as sex, and is made up of the same ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos.”
Rene Konig

The scene was ethereal, dressed as Monks the guests arrived and were seated by the lovely staff of LeLutka, I myself was seated by one of my favourites. The seats were the finest leather, the location was like a temples ruins, with the mist coming up from below. It was a place of tranquility and peace.

The ambiance was provided by the music list of Maddox Dupont, his music is legendery when it comes to Fashion Shows and Events, the audience requesting the set list throughout the performance, it was like attending an Opera or Ballet, of international acclamation.

The final guests where seated, the press were anxious, and we waited with only the highest of expectations. Knowing that full well what we were about to see would be different than anything seen before, I had spoken with Minnu a few times over the leading up weeks to the show.

This was something that they wanted to do for some time…returning them to the older MMS way of doing things, leading from the heart so to speak, where all the passion lives.

But first there was the unveiling of a New and very bright star, Anya Ohmai was about to launch her first couture collection named Silhouette.

“Silhouettes; dark shapes enwrapped in contrasting light — mysterious, alluring shape that you can’t quite make out…before that burst of light.”

Anya Ohmai

It was marvelous, she has been toying with us the last few months with her quirky fashion, and bright colours..it was all building up to this, this incredibly sleek and sophisticated collection. Stepping up a notch not only for herself, but for all of us who have been watching and admiring her work.

Then the long corridor was strutted upon by a multitude of Misses, the LeLutka models started to wow us all. The LeLutka ULTRA Fashion Experiment was the concept, an experiment by some incredibly talented creators, which made this show, and it’s collection something that will round out the season superbly.

The items had a definite leaning towards fetish wear, and as I have worn posture collars and harnesses with my LeLutka in the past anyway, wasn’t a far reach or surprise. The styles were marvelous, and I saw items that if I wasn’t at the show seeing them, I would have known from a mile away that they were created by Thora Charron, she definitely has her own style. The combination of items by Thora, Minnu and Marni were remarkable and there were definite showstopping moments, were a collective sigh could be heard from many.

Do not hesitate in travelling to LeLutka when the announcement is made of this release, from what I hear it is very soon, and the OhMai Silhouette collection will be released on the 30th just in time for New Years.

I put together a little mix of old and soon to be released LeLutka for the post, and also to show that for those of you that got the skin with the ponytail flipped forward over your face, and don’t know if you could pull it off…do what I did, turn it spin it, and stick it in your head, and you end up with an incredibly tight ponytail that works stupendously with the hairbase, I have been wearing it this way ever since it’s release and it is awesome.

Now with the collection came shoes, and boots. But tonight I am showing some NEW items, in the form of the Docs 8 Hole boots, these are created by Gospel Voom and have three different options on click, pristine, abused and loose. Also if you buy one pair, and want another colour, you can go and buy a tin of boot polish for less than half the original price, and wear and click and BAM! the new colour is incorporated into the boots, giving you the new and the original to choose from.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Hair that comes with skin – LeLutka

Skin: Estelle Skin = LeLutka

Clothes: Cylinder Bolero (coming soon) LeLUltra by LeLutka

Cinder Dress – LeLutka (now in discount store)

Postal Shorts(coming soon) LeLUltra by LeLutka

Hole Leggings – Kookie

Leather Gloves NEW – 5th & Oxford

Shoes/Boots: Docs 8 Hole – Docs by Gospel Voom

Accessories: Horns by LeLUltra coming soon

UGERY Bag – t y   z v e z d a

Sophisticated long necklace – Twosome

Black Mask from Silent Heart set – BareRose

Voyage Glasses – Kalnins

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Dare

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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