Athenas Cup in SL


Lexi Morgan of Stellar is an incredibly giving person, that has always been my experience with her over the years, so when she lets me know she is involved with a new fundraiser, I know that she is dedicated to as much as she can do to see it a success. She has teamed up with other Designers from all over SL and they will be collaborating so to speak on this joint venture.

So make sure you keep your eyes open for Athena’s Cup in your favourite Store, and if you are a Designer yourself, and want to take part, then contact Alysha Rennahan .

Notecard Copy :


I hope this note finds you well and enjoying the season of fall in October.

I am writing to you to hopefully get you interested in joining me for a great cause that I am bringing over from RL.

I have recently started my own home business called Athena’s. If you have never heard of Athena’s, it is a home novelty company focusing primarily on women. If you have ever heard of fun “girly” party, it was probably an Athena’s party!

Currently, Athena’s has launched “The Athena’s Cup”. Our goal for the Athena’s Cup is to raise breast cancer awareness by raising $500,000 and break the Guiness Book of World Record for the most bras hooked together – 169,000!

In RL, we are asking for a suggested $5 donation and any amount of bras anyone is willing to donate. The event is running now through January 10, 2010, the day in which we will hook together all the bras we have received and hopefully break the record!

If you are interested in the RL site, here is the link:

This is such a great cause that I wanted to bring it into SL and hopefully get everyone else excited to contribute.

“The SL Athena’s Cup” will focus on raising money through donated items in which 100% of proceeds will go to the Athena’s Cup in RL.

Here are the details of this SL event:

– Designers willing to participate will put up SL Athena’s Cup vendors containing their charity item in their respective locations.

– Items should center around a pink bra theme (pink for breast cancer awareness, bra for….well, duh!).

– Items should be limited edition to encourage the “come get it now before it’s gone” energy.

– Donation price is at the designers’ discretion. Some suggestions follow:
– Whatever donation price you deem is worthy of your offering. After all, you know your own stuff best!
– L$5 donation to mirror the suggested $5.00 donation of the RL event.
– L$ equivalent of the RL $5.00 donation (currently between L$1217 (for exactly $5) and L$1295 (for $5.30 with fee))

– Length of time item is up and available is up to each designer, but the SL event will close on 1/1/10 to give me enough time to reconcile everything in time for the 1/10/10 event.

– An alt account has been established by me for all funds from donated items to go directly to.

– Proof of final donation will be posted on my blog: so that you know I’m legit and not running to Vegas with the money.

– I will get pictures of the event to post when I return for even more proof (and to show you how fun it is!).

That’s about it in a nutshell! You see how easy this is and what a great cause and fun event this will be. Your creativity is endless and your generosity is admirable. I hope that you will decide to join us.

If you are interested in joining this wonderful cause, please complete this notecard, rename where appropriate, and drop it back to me (Alysha Rennahan).

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Since Athena’s is my business, all information is confidential. So please feel secure in that.

Final folders for those participating will be sent out shortly and the event kickoff will be officially announced on my blog – aiming for Wednesday, October 21st the latest.

Any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to consider joining me in this great event!

Alysha Rennahan