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Pin Up Doll


I do share well with others, so much so that I am not keeping these yummies to myself for any longer. I had actually started writing my post for this morning, when I got sidetracked, which isn’t too difficult with our lot. We can be very motivating for eachother, but also very very naughty at dangling tempting tidbits in front of each other too.

As I am no longer working – hugs Onyx tight because I already miss her bunches – that’s not such a bad thing, as usually I would be sleeping about now. But I got to spend some awesome time with Justice, Whimsy, Gary and Ashia tonight instead. Yes ok I said morning and night all in the same time, but it is coming up to both yours and mine.

Lately as I mentioned before I think, Ashia has been on a retro kick, and I am never off mine, but we do run around in all sorts of looks, and this one for her at the moment has stuck big time, taking us over to Jetdoll for their sale, we ended up doing a quick runaround town, and ended up in Ingenue, which I was all up in the other week with the Harlow release.

We did the hair thing, all three of us, and then we went nuts in the clothing section. I knew what I wanted desperately I just had to find it, as I had seen it on a girl recently and got sidetracked by Harlow the last time in the store, you see many many moons ago I had a desperate need for a pencil skirt with a Bustle, I am talking way back in 2007 , I even begged Sachi to make me one, and even tried taking things from other sets and putting them all together. But no need to do that anymore, and I am stoked.

All three sets I bought are just divine, lending themselves to all sorts of possibilities, especially as the high waist option is a separate layer, so you can wear it with other tops from other sets, or stores. One boy is the top set, giving you two incredible skirt options, the fuller flexi skirt is just so heavenly, you really do feel like you have been transported back in time.

Paris Lullaby is a lovely pink lovers set, and is the one that provides me with my pencil bustle look I have wanted forever, so now I am able to merge that skirt with endless looks, and I am in love. Lastly there is Natalie, another highwaisted gem, the sheer blouse comes with an under layer bustier in offwhite so as not to show more than you want.

All of these items were stunning additions for the delightful canvas that is the Mia Doll skin by Idiosyncrasy, this new skin comes in a porcelain like tone, with vivid make ups and a delicate face. The Doll series was a past release from Idiosyncrasy on her all hand drawn skins, but she has now taken those attributes and created a skin in keeping with her newer releases.

The smokey eyes definitely enhance the vintage look, and the rosebud lips just add even more spice to the look. Make sure you try on all the DEMOS you can, and look out for more of the upcoming Mia skin range.

The shoes are the most recentish release from Tesla and they are the Vixen Desire heels, with 6 inches of height to add more to your statuesque silhouette.

The fabulous Poses are all from DARE, a mix of poses from most of the sets at the store, they really do inspire such creative looks.

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Picture :

Hair: Marilyn, Myrna, Diva Deux – Ingenue

Skin: Mia Doll – Idiosyncrasy

Clothes: One Boy, Paris Lullaby, Natalie – Ingenue

Shoes/Boots: Vixen Desire – Tesla

Accessories: Swallow your heart necklace – Jetdoll

Eyes: thaw – fusemelon

Poses/Animations: DARE

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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