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Your Help is Needed

This notecard was passed to me today by a good friend Nevar Lobo, many of you know Nevar from clothing fair and other RFL related events, he has gotten on board with an event on June 27th and is requesting your help.

I urge you to help in any way you can, this is something that I think is exactly why we are such an incredible community.

The Notecard Says :

Dear Designer :

As most people are unaware, I am disabled in RL and have come to SL to share my strength and mind with people in ways I can not do in RL . Today I found out about a really special event coming up on June 27th and they need our help.

The Style Enabled Modeling Agency has been asked to put on a fashion show for people with disabilities. This event is special because it is part of a 24 hour celebration for Helen Keller’s Birthday. The Group Virtual Helping Hands is working on spreading the word and education with in second life and has many many events planned for this day .

What is needed to help them:

They need designers who would like to show off their designs that would be easy to wear in a wheelchair or those who are visually impaired.

Keeping this in mind they need male and female clothing, shoes, hair and accessories . Some that are white or pale so they can be easily seen by the person wearing them and also with a tighter fit to the body so it won’t interfere with the cane or guide dog.  Also, they need outfits that can be used in wheelchair. The ladies love to wear dresses at times… but as we know, some fall differently. They would need to have somethign that would fall with the legs not straight down into the wheels… Having multiple attachment points would also be good for them…as some chairs attach to the spine or to the pelvis.

If anyone would be intersted in helping with this, I would love to hear from you so i can direct you in the right direction. Models will be using guide dogs or white canes, models who are in wheelchairs or who have amputations, models who are able bodied, models who are male and female, and at least one model who is a furry in a wheelchair. We can provide you with a wheelchair, a guide dog, and white cane if you would like to design something special.

As always, if I’m not online, look for Ame (Amethyst Starostin) and she’ll get the message to me.

Thanks for all your help,

Nevar Lobo