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Let them eat Cake featuring Violet Voltaire, Pink Fuel, Magika, Lamb, Tesla

So a few days ago, or maybe a week? a conference call was placed stating that Violet Voltaire was closing up shop. This made me nostalgic, because I remember way way back in the day when Violet used to blog on Closet Crisis. You see Hethr was the pink girl, and Violet of course was the purple girl…well that’s how I used to think of them both :).

When stores close in Second Life, for me I worry, I worry about many things…but mainly I stress about our history. So even though I was unable to rush right over, it has been sitting at the back of my mind ever since.
This morning I decided that I would be very upset if I missed out on scooping up some Violet history, so off I went to the Muse location. Now Violets items have never been pricey, but the prices at the moment are a steal.

Now apparently though since this news of her closing up shop, some of her friends have rallied around and insisted she keep some locations active, so you will not exactly miss out, but I still wanted to know that I have my little pieces of History all gathered at the time it is changing.

As much as you may think you don’t “need” a mini crown, or some cake jewelry, you will be surprised how often you do lol, so get on over to Violet Voltaire and snap up everything, the most expensive item I purchased was 50L the majority were 5L , so don’t miss out. The two items I am wearing are the Hethr Necklace – as it seemed appropriate :), and Their Cell Crown which is just fabulous.

Devilish Cupcake didn’t warn us, no Abby the brat just left for a bit, but she is back and guns are blazing- ok maybe not guns, but her PS has been kicking some bottom. The outfit I am wearing is called Story’s Street Trash, the set comes with different coloured shirts , I chose purple in honor of Violet, and the cute as punk tartan skirt with over the knee torn stockings. Very rebel schoolgirl for sure.

The hair I bought when out shopping with Whimsy Winx of Virtually Dressed, it was the day that ETD released their new hair, and I let Whimsy wear that as long as I could wear Bang Bang by Lamb. but then the sneaky one bought it too and tried to wear it LOL seriously it was a riot. This style comes with swept bangs and straight across, I am so in love with their black pack also as it has an incredible white blonde in it instead of white white, so I get more BangBang for my buck :P.

On another shopping trip with Whimsy I came across Pink Fuel’s location at Canimal, I love Pink Fuel items but in the past hadn’t seen the Lacey Black Heart eyepatch, this thing is so cute it has texture change, and I already had it set to be the crown, so it linked in perfectly with todays look.

Magika has recently released beautiful new Skins, this is the Night – Midnight, and the lips on this skin are just divine. The palish without being too pale tone is just perfect for the kind of looks you would want to create with Magika creations, so make sure you grab all the lush demos, the red in these lips are a MUST MUST MUST HAVE.

Wrapping up this look with the New Harvey Boots from Tesla , these are fantastic biker style boots, with the right amount of roughed up leather.  They are definitely boys boots turned into girls, which I am always all for, it is fun to wear something that is usually worn with pants, with a mini skirt like this one, I have a love for clompy boots of this style, so these are a win.

Good luck in your future RL Jewelry endeavours Violet Voltaire and thanks for adding your own you to Second Life.

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Hair by: Lamb.

Skin by: Magika

Clothing by: Devilish Cupcake

Jewelry/Accessories by: Violet Voltaire, Pink Fuel

Shoes by:Tesla

Eyes by: n/a

Poses by: Reel Expression

Posestand Professional and Hud by: VR Foundry

Always thankful for: Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

My VR Posestand Professional/VR Posestand HUD/Library is by VR Foundry , The NEW Features include Keyboard Controls, MONO, HUD Controls, Locking Camera and Pose Positions, ability to save Colour Sphere Presets, Return to Poses Locked previously and SOOOO Much more. The VR Posestand is sold seperately as is the VR Posestand HUD , or in a Package HERE, or at the VR Foundry Main Store. now also with stand alone Library HUD, for on location shoots in no build areas – no notecards needed. Volumen Lashes by LeLutka which I wear all the time and would go spare without.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor: Maitreya Digital Dragon Designs Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses Happy Dispatch Juicy Grapevine Mela’s [LAP] Long Akward Pose ANIMAH Ana Lu Fresh Poses Naughty Neko Designs Imperial Elegance Lost Angels Studio Sidhe Vista Animations Dela Le Boudoir Mode d’Ambre Reel Expression Ex- Pose & Roodie Noodie Aphrodite Creations Tuli Mamesando Street Magic Hazel Coppens Poses @ Popfuzz KSCreations