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Vote for Loco Pocos

The people at Linden Labs have come up with an annual event, Resident Choice Awards, the categories are a bit strange to say the least, the fact that there is more than one Linden Bear Museum concerns me…but they have to get recognition too :). What category is a must to vote on though, well the category that gives snaps to favourite place to be a tiny, now I know there are many out there, but my personal favourite is of course Loco Pocos, so if you are a fan and I know many of you are, VOTE for them by putting in the name of them and the SLURL . So if you have ten minutes to spare, and have some favourites of the categories provided, like a favourite music spot, RP sim , or favourite machinimast – I hope I spelled that right – fill in what you can, but you can only do so once, so be sure of your answers before submitting.

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