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Vote for Loco Pocos

The people at Linden Labs have come up with an annual event, Resident Choice Awards, the categories are a bit strange to say the least, the fact that there is more than one Linden Bear Museum concerns me…but they have to get recognition too :). What category is a must to vote on though, well the category that gives snaps to favourite place to be a tiny, now I know there are many out there, but my personal favourite is of course Loco Pocos, so if you are a fan and I know many of you are, VOTE for them by putting in the name of them and the SLURL . So if you have ten minutes to spare, and have some favourites of the categories provided, like a favourite music spot, RP sim , or favourite machinimast – I hope I spelled that right – fill in what you can, but you can only do so once, so be sure of your answers before submitting.

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Loco Pocos and You

When Loco Pocos was opened, and a few days prior… some blessed bloggers got a tour. I remember being in Washu Zebrastripes IM box running off at the mouth a billion times a second with a thousand ideas for Loco Pocos of the future – what I am about to share NOT being one of them – but I had so many thoughts.

I wanted plushies, so that when not in tiny mode you could still carry a Loco Pocos around with you, I also wanted to get some big company in RL to see the vision that is Loco Pocos and make them an educational tool, such as pc software for reading and mathematics for small kids etc, just like they have done with Pooh and Barbie etc, I wanted to go to a store in RL and buy Loco Pocos keychains and everything Loco Pocos like stationary, and bobble head dolls for the car lol, I’m telling you I got THAT excited, and still a billion percent believe that that is the future of Loco Pocos.

Washu and Damien have gone on to win an award in RL for the short film shot using the Loco Pocos characters, they have created such a wonderful sim that shows how SL really inspires, and most recently have had creators create items that compliment the range.

Now it is YOUR turn. The Loco Pocos Development Box is here, which you can purchase and go about making your own fantastic Loco Pocos accessories that you then can SELL SELL SELL to the public, yes you get a license authorising you as a developer of Loco Pocos merchandise. There are so many ways to create beautiful items with the tools provided, I think that this could be the therapy of the future lol, its like a build a bear for SL.

So if you have any desires to step out of your creative circle and tap into something a hell of a lot of funna, or even if you know you can texture but cant build to save your life, this could be right up your alley. Good Luck and don’t forget to check out the items created by well known creators recently, like hair by Philotic Energy that was recently released.