I promised I would talk

I made a promise that I would talk about it, so here goes. This is something so important to spread the word about, when I was in highschool a girl in the form above mine had a seizure in the open area of our school grounds, I remember there were students and teachers everywhere, gossip ran through the school like the wind, by the time the real story came about it was a few hours later and she of course had been taken home for the day, or so we thought.

She never returned to school, the head teachers knew about her epilepsy but her friends and other students hadn’t , no one knew really why she never came back, again rumors where rife, but one theory was she was so embarassed and ashamed and couldn’t face people treating her differently, I went to an all girls school which funnily enough is probably way more brutal than a boys school or co-ed. No one should ever have to go through what they are already going through medically, with fear of being teased, or just being treated differently by others on top of it…awareness is key, visit , show it to your kids, your partners, your family…make your work colleagues look at it, and show their friends and family, SPAM SPAM SPAM the hell out of every one you know.

If people do talk about it, it will be a helping hand to those that may have been hiding from it, let everyone know that talking about it is cool, because it really is.

Visit the site, and make your own promise.