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The skills that creators have here are just inspiring. Some items can have you so excited not just because they are new and they are fabulous, but in more ways; example is to want to really play with the item in different ways, and in this case I had a blast. Read on for a detailed run down of the items shown today, so many options you will be relieved to hear about I am sure.


SLink recently released the Glamour Platforms , these are sculpted feet set inside magnificent open toed strappy stilettos. Forget the sculpted foot and toes for a second, the style of shoe is pin up perfection. The double strap cross-over front, with the strips of leather down the side supporting the shape of the foot, and the fantastic heel support which then go on to become a collaboration with the ankle straps, way too much to love in just one style shoe.

But then it gets better, there is the sculpted foot and toes, with the high sexy arch and the subtle shading, way down to the perfectly pedicured nails. But wait there is more, adorning said toes are toe rings, and not just any toe rings but a choice of metals and patterns for both toes or one, depending on your mood, which you also have the choice to not wear.

Now you may ask how does that happen, a dropdown perhaps ? nope, nada, no… you see Siddean Munro has a secret Mastermind in her den of shoe creation, and his name is Caine Munro and he is a *drumrolls* SCRIPTER! *giggles*. Sorry he was very deserving of the build up, Caine has created with input from his lovely Siddean a HUD that not only lets you choose what colour toe rings you want, but also what colour nailpolish you desire to wear – there 36 to choose from, but you also get to choose what the metail and buckle colour is from four metal choices.

But wait there is more, now you are wondering I am sure how I was able to perfectly match my shoes to my legs, you know from the past that sometimes such things are very complicated and hair pulling out inducing. Welllll the wise Siddean who also makes skins added her three skin range tones to the hud as well, so now you can put on any of her Miyu, Bijou or Anya skins and VOILA click what tone you have on and you are good to go.

“But Sasy I do not have a SLink Skin” , well my answer to that comes in two forms, the first is WHY NOT? and the second is ‘That doesn’t matter” also included is a full colour scale interactive thingymadoozie that you can click on and it will colour your feet and toes to the specified colour, now that will take a bit of trial and error , but once you get it you have got it.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!, so some of you have PS or GIMP and other painty programs, well if that is the case and the colour thingy is a bit beyond you, you can take a snapshot to your harddrive of your skin, then use the eyedropper on it in one of those programs, and then use /13 skin number, number, number in chat and you are good to go, it really can’t get much better than that ;).

With each shoe colour you get three choices for the heels of the shoe, coloured heel, which is the colour of the shoe itself, Metal Heel which is silver, and Gold Metal Heel, as well as small, medium and large in both the foot portion and the ankle straps, I myself mix small shoes with medium straps, don’t ask me why because I don’t know.

In this first pic I am wearing the Glamour Platforms by SLink in the black , with the Anya Skin in Bronzed Tone and Smokey Eyes Make Up, as I said all it took was a quick click of the correct tone and I was done. The hair is the Babydoll Hair by ::69:: as is all the hair shown today. The Lingerie is the Lacy Lingerie by SLink in black as I have shown in the past but thought it was way funna to wear it all over again.

Now the chair you see me posing on today is the Modeling Chair by Lost Dog Designs, it has 8 fabulous poses in it and is a ridiculously low 200L , definitely a Must Have for anyone that likes taking pics.
Glamour 2
Tooooooo Cute, yes I am all for loving myself to bits in this pic. I am also all about loving the Red Glamour Heels, with the Pale Bijou Skin in Retro Make Up by SLink , ahhhhhhhhh way too easy to look so fab.

With the Red Lacy Lingerie I was feeling very Vintagey so the Bijou skin was a must, and then finding the perfect gloves from an Awesome Designs set called Masterpiece just made my day, got to love the ability to just type gloves in search inventory and pilfer items from other sets lol.

Now the Dolly Girl Hair 02 by ::69:: does not come with a red bow, it does have red or white options though, but instead of tinting I wanted something richer, so making a copy of the hair first I then added a rich glossy red texture and instant pin up goodness.

Glamour 3
Then I got creative, why can’t you have sexy feet no matter what colour/tone you are? well you can, that is the whole point. The fascinating Tan Drow Cupcakes Bare Skin from Popfuzz had me wanting to try my hand at using the actual colour picker tool, clicking near the bluish tones I nailed a darker tone of this skin colour straight away, then using the side light/dark slider I was able to bring it down a notch or ten and bingo, it is that easy.

To celebrate my match with a Popfuzz skin I wore more Popfuzz, this is the Brocade Corset, with matching panties in the baby pink – the Brocade sets come in a wonderful array of pastel colours – to match up with the Candy Pink Glamour Platforms.

This is the first time I have had reason to wear my Model Hair 01 by ::69:: and it worked a treat, the hair comes with a built in pose, which is hilarious when you are in the store trying on the demo and suddenly you are flung to the ground. It also comes with seperate poseball with the same pose which you can use with other hair.

Glamour 6
Another try with the colour pallete, this time with the Dark Drow Cupcakes Edition Skin by Popfuzz…This time choosing the Gold Metal heels and base, with the Deep Sea coloured Glamour Platforms by SLink. As some of you know I am a true blue silver lover, which looks funny as a statement – thats twice in the last 24 hours I have said true blue with another colour, no wonder Mel says I’m nuts – anywayyy the combination is wonderful and it really gives you a great ability to mix and match and embrace metalics into your looks.

Again the matching to the skin was painless and the beautiful Lace Corset from Popfuzz just added to my joy on the overall look. Those corsets are a must have, and I am very aware I am repeating myself on those, but truly if you don’t have at least one of them you are letting yourself down.

Glamour 4
On one of my past visits to SLink I could not pass up this next set, it is the Ruched Blouse and Pencil Skirt set in Lime, oh lime how I love thee, as long as you aren’t the actual fruit and anywhere near my mouth. This combo is HOT HOT HOT, the Verde Glamour Platforms are the perfect match to this look , the slight metalic look to the green texture just adds more oomph.

You know I am all about the System skirt love, and when you combine a system skirt with an adorable blouse and thin belt like this I am in heaven. Wearing with the combo, the lovely Green Hair Rose by Essentia and the Rush2 Hair by ::69:: which is a lovely pigtails look with really full tails.

The Skin is the Miyu Skin with Green Eyes Make Up, again one click and I was done, thanks to the SLink skins being built into the HUD.

Glamour 5
Lastly I wanted to show you how fasntastic these shoes look with pants as well. Now these Skinny Jeans in Brown by SLink do have sculpted prims, but even with pants with no cuffs the shoes work incredibly well, the cuffs will remove the straps that do help in making the join from sculptie to leg less visible, but with cuffs from pants covering anyway you wont need them.

I needed a top to go with , so running over to SLink tonight I grabbed this incredible top called Metal Collar Halter , this style top is just wonderful for dressy casual like this or more formal affairs, the sculpted necklace style collar is just divine, I have a think for that style in jewelry so I was not able to click on buy fast enough, I can see many wanting to wear that collar with other things, it really is just a stunning combo and the drape and shading on the halter is superb, I got it in the beige colour so that it could go with the Taupe Glamour Platforms and it comes up a treat as a mix, the Taupe are just beautiful in texture as they all are, but this one would definitely become a go to pair easily.

Also from SLink I am wearing the Milan Sunglasses in Brown, beautiful sculptie work yet again, and the hair is Envy by ::69:: , last easy click went with the Anya Skin in Merlot Make Up, this whole look is something that can bring you well into the night and then back out again, because we have all had those nights that ended up sunlit mornings where you thank the Gods you managed to have sunnies in your bag. I am also wearing the Medalion bracelet by Essentia, which you can now get seperately and for both wrists YAY, Demos available in the store.

Ok so that was my fun for the night, now its time for you to go make your own, but seriously try the Glamour Platforms by SLink if you haven’t already they are just superb.

Click HERE to TP to the stores shown.

Hair by: ::69::

Skin by: SLink , Popfuzz

Clothing by: SLink, Popfuzz

Jewelry/Accessories by: Essentia, SLink

Shoes by: SLink

Poses by: DeLa, LostDog Designs

Posestand Professional and Hud by: VR Foundry

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

My VR Posestand Professional/VR Posestand HUD/Library is by VR Foundry , The NEW Features include Keyboard Controls, MONO, HUD Controls, Locking Camera and Pose Positions, ability to save Colour Sphere Presets, Return to Poses Locked previously and SOOOO Much more. The VR Posestand is sold seperately as is the VR Posestand HUD , or in a Package ..HERE, HERE, HERE, or at the VR Foundry Main Store. now also with stand alone Library HUD, for on location shoots in no build areas – no notecards needed just throw in your poses.

My eyes which I get complimented on all the time are from LeLutka the MMS Green which I love, but alas are no longer available but there are still fabulous eyes to choose from.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:


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