Attention Lucky Chair Addicts and the stores that have them

Attention Lucky Chair Addicts and the stores that have them

Many many moons ago the fabulous Popfuzz Bamboo had a thought, what if there was one place that people could gather at,  and be able to use a magic machine to find the lucky chairs that have their letter, I mean seriously how often do people yell out in groups when a chair is a certain letter.

So she put this thought into play and got a magical scripter to make her the Lucky Chair Station… now this thing is brilliant and I had used its powers at my old work – goes to show how old it is – and it proved to be fabulous. Then alas it got put away BUT BUT BUT I noticed today that it is back, I don’t know how long its been back for BUT BUT BUT Its backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk- ok its been back a long time sniffles* but I know that many wouldn’t even know of its existance.

Lucky Chair Station

Ok so you think hmm hows it work. The beauty of this Magical Station is that it takes three people to make it wor k, and no that doesn’t mean you need to have two people with you.

First person is of course Popfuzz Bamboo for hosting the station, but you need to contact Hazel Coppens to get the Lucky Cat, ok so technically thats a two in one deal 😛

Second person is the Designer , by putting the lucky cat box next to their lucky chair and changing the settings card – which is easy as – they are up and running, they have linked to the station.

Third person is YOU the Lucky Chair Hunter.

This is how it works, you go to Popfuzz’s Discount area and stand in front of this big board, and you will see all that text change showing you chairs all over and what letters they are. That seems like you are still waiting right?

NO! If you click any of the letters on the left a drop down appears and buttons for ALL the stores that have that letter on their chair appear. I clicked S got a drop down of 5 places that currently had S and tpd to one , clicking the button puts the slurl in chat for you to click on in chat history , I MEAN HOW EASY IS THAT !.

Anyway so you need to get to the station and try it out for yourself, it does sort of mean you are cheating but it does also give you the chance to explore stores you have never heard of before. Seriously if you are a designer who has a Lucky Chair make sure and get the Lucky Cat box for next to your chair :).