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Clean up of Hair and Hands

I am really nervous about this, and have wanted to do it for a long time. I finally was able to screen capture PS to show you how I clean up images that have hands stuck in prims etc. This isnt something that I often do for my blog pics, but something I worked out how to do with trial and error for taking vendor pics in the past for work ( no I don’t alter the pics to seem better etc, but hair sticking through the body can sometimes be a hassle, that is how I worked this out).

I have done this using voice, and please don’t laugh 🙁 I was so nervous I sound totally different than how I talk in world.

I really hope that this helps people, often I have seen comments regarding this issue and wondered why it hasn’t been shown until now, it doesn’t have to be about the poses, you can of course use ones that don’t cause this, but this way you can be a bit more adventurous with the poses you have. I am so far from being a PS expert or someone who can even give a good tutorial (even the word makes me nervous), but I seem to pick up things along the way, more so when I am working on work pictures that aren’t for my blog at all, picture pile ups group in flickr has given me the chance to really explore PS a lot more than I do with blog pics.

Anyway you can see the movie I made HERE . (remember no laughing I am still sooo nervous).

Hair by Aden

Skin by Pulse

Dress by Digit Darkes (because it has the right sort of skirt)

VR Professional Posestand and HUD by VR Foundry (this makes this so much easier for me to do)

Click HERE for TP to these stores.