You have done and achieved a lot this year, that wont change for the future. There is definitely a shift in your home base, possibly a new home is in the cards or a trip of sorts. Preparing for that possibility is a good idea, if a relocation is destiny don’t let it sneak up on you, make copies of things you can, link parts and make sure that if there is anything you cannot live without thats not copyable, pick it up.

You are feeling a tug by the unknown this month, feelings of what, where and how are niggling at you. Don’t ignore them, there can be a deep fascination for all things spiritual for you, and the upcoming holidays will find you reminiscing about times past. People you care about and who may no longer be around will pop into your thoughts often, let them and celebrate the memories – time to get all those lose photos in order.

Geminis are said to be like two people in one, this month you will feel like three, one if not all three of those people are the anchors in many of your relationships, business or personal you are often the force that holds them together, it’s time to make sure that no one is feeling they aren’t held onto by you. In the past year you have made some business decisions that now looking back on you aren’t seeing as sucesses, look at what others have done in the same incidences and learn from them, you will find that growth is sucess in itself.

Nesting has been done, it’s time to broaden your horizons. You have started to gain control over things you are involved with and its feeling great, you want to keep that feeling alive and expanding on good energy is the way to go about that. It’s amazing what some fresh grid air and outdoorsyness can do for you, get yourself some comfortable clothes and find some large and beautiful open spaces, run, ride a bike or just sit on a rock and meditate for a bit.. a great way to start your day.

You are having a wonderful month and its only just begun, creativity and ingenuity are key factors for you at the moment, whether it be making something to sell or give, or just learning some new skills. There is something really motivating about your energy right now so let others revel in it also, take the time to spend with friends and collegues and throw some ideas around, you might just make a change to not only your goals but theirs too.

People are going to be drawn to you for help this month, not just for themselves but between them and others, from this you will realise how your opinion does matter, but be careful about how you give it. You are going to bring people together, and the best way to celebrate that will be to hold an event of sorts, nothing that will make you want to pull your hair out, but something thats a celebration of achievements, have fun with it.

Libra :
You are going to find money a concern this month, but one thing that you have that is priceless is your ability to communicate, let that work in your favor. Look at some ways that that can be a money earner. Romance and social activities are also going to happen more rapidly this month so be prepared for such activities, explore your inventory and find some items you haven’t had the chance to wear as yet, and if something doesn’t happen ; make it happen.

For you this month its about comfort, you want cosy spaces to have time to look at the year coming to an end, and look forward to the next. If you don’t have your own space spend some time finding some beautiful areas where you can spend time each day or when needed. If you do have space and a lot of it, then consider making this month open house for those you care about, an open invitation to stop by and chillax, make some invites and an area in your home that people will find themselves wanting to visit.

Right now you know where you are and what your focus is, solo projects are important as tieing up finances with others might not be a wise move right now. Confidence is what you are putting out there and that is wonderful energy. Being your birth month right now is going to have you pulled in many different social settings, make sure you shine, don’t over exert yourself.

Some changes need to be made in the career front for you this month, whether its a new job or taking on more responsibility in your old…look at what you have been doing in the last 12 months and put together a list of your skills and achievements, sometimes a boss knows you are great, but forgets how great. Dress for success a revamp of your work clothing might be in order.

Its the gift giving month , but you are on the recieving end and deserve to be, you have put a lot out there in the past 12 so its time to reep what you sow. Don’t get complacent though keep on doing the things you do. Romance is on its way, with either an existing partner or a brand new one, dedicate yourself to pleasure with this person, find new ways to make sparks fly between you both.

All the little fishies are going to swim playfully this month. Affection and Strength towards others has always been a strength you have, and in this festive holiday season some will need that from you more than others. Make time for fun with those you care about , go on adventures and discover new things together, you have worked hard its time to kick up your heels – oooo new shoes.

** These monthly star sign thingies are made up by myself, interpreted by my reading of the month ahead, only to be taken as fun but hopefully something you find intuitive for you this coming month.**