Time for advice from those you admire for their smarts this month. Be it the decision on new purchases or just seeking direction in a new endeavor, go to them and ask for advice, but be willing to hear it. Taking advice doesn’t always mean you have to follow it to the letter, but don’t just change it to suit you either.


Things may come to a halt this month, but that fast and sudden stop might actually give you time for self assessment. A new direction in relationships with an existing or future one is much needed, that could be in the form of taking time off to just spend the time together, or bringing some spice into your wardrobe, don’t stop dressing up just because Halloween is over.

It’s all about change this month, Mind,Body and Soul. Clear your head by doing those tasks you have been putting off, when you have sorted through all those things that have needed sorting you will be able to guilt free move on to more desirable activities, this includes people as well as things. Pamper yourself this month, get a new make up for an existing skin or perhaps spend a day or two gathering demos from all over, and spend some hours in a good light setting naked – doesn’t have to be alone 😉 – find something that you want and go for it – be careful of too dramatic a change though, no remorse wanted so be sure its something you can live with down the line.

It’s time to nest, you know that the home is where the heart is, so make your heart full, don’t go overboard, but really look at your surroundings and make the changes you think are fitting. Maybe add some colours you wouldn’t have thought of ( ) or ( ) make your own fun cushions etc, find some mod copy ones that you can alter. Make some of your favourite snapshots art and decorate your home with those to compliment some of the fab new furniture and bits and pieces you find on your expeditions. Then when you are all done, invite some friends over for a house warming, it might not be a new house (or it might be) but be proud of it enough to show off.

Leo :

It’s time for a much needed break, but unfortunately you are going to have to make sure you are prepared for it, this being said plan plan plan. If you need items to make that vacation what you truly want it to be, do some research and find the good stuff. You don’t want to have to tp off to some location in the middle of a seaside romp because you didn’t get yourself a new Bikini or you don’t have any casual shoes to wear with said bikini.

It is your month to share, but not so much the material aspects of your life, but the knowledge you have. If you have ever thought about teaching now would be a great time to look into what would be involved. If you have skills that you know others would benefit from, go about making some tutorials and list them on the forums and a blog.
You may think that you have nothing to teach anyone , but you would be surprised to find out how many you have taught already. Discuss with some friends getting together once a week and swapping things you know, this could escalate into not only a useful knowledge base, but something far more gratifying.

Libra :
You have your groove on right now, things are good. Image is what you are about projecting in a desirable light this month, so a style make over may just be what you need. It doesn’t mean exactly changing the one you have entirely, but freshening it up. Treat yourself to some accessories this month and while you are at it , look at some pieces for those near and dear to you, they have been your anchors of late in such a positive way, it’s time to show your appreciation.


Balance is key this month. You are seen to be a Social Butterfly and that is great for you, you know there is more to you so that image gives you time to escape into the fanciful and glamorous. Time to look at some jaw dropping pieces, this doesn’t always mean barely there, but think 1920’s sleek suits and perfectly styled short hair do’s, and yes ladies these suggestions are for you. Walk tall and exude confidence, because that bounces from person to person.


An ability to gather people around you with like minded interests this month will serve you well. Share some new ideas with people that embrace such things, and those ideas could manifest into golden oppurtunities for you as a single entrepreneur or as a group. You are going to get very busy very fast, so make plans, have a clear goal and direction you wish to head.


Movement and physical well being are your things this month, this would make it a good time to animate. Check out the technology around, update, and be sure that how you want the world to see you, is not limited by you not doing your homework on resources. Take a day or two to explore the grid and take pics – if you have to – of stands you like and look at them once away from the store, see yourself how others will.


Water is the way of your world, so use it. Feng Shui your home using water as a way of decorating but creating harmony, look at ways to implement water into your wardrobe with some stunning shades of blues and green. Or maybe find some beautiful jewelry pieces that resemble or represent that mood.

Work has been a challenge of late, but things on that front are about to change, lightening the load and the mood, so prepare yourself for the impact of that. Dn’t celebrate the change too early, pace yourself, but first thing to do once you feel it happen is to treat yourself, change can be as good as a holiday.

** These monthly star sign thingies are made up by myself, interpreted by my reading of the month ahead, only to be taken as fun but hopefully something you find intuitive for you this coming month.**