If you could run Phils Place for a Day

If you could run Phils Place for a Day

So the other day I had another thunk, and it occurred to me how often people comment about the state of Phils Place ( SL ), things that they think should be the way they want them to be and so on. It got me to thunking what would I change ? there are often times we make broad statements of disappointment over particular things, I know that many would love to see the mesh changed on system skirts, I’d like to see that because then more might embrace the love.

Others would want more layers allowing for tattoos to be able to be added to the body and face, without taking up existing clothing layers. My Mel once suggested that the ability to choose where an item is worn would be a huge change, and I agree, the idea that if an older item was only made on one top layer, that by right clicking it you got to choose if it was worn on the jacket, shirt or undershirt , regardless of its only being made on the shirt would rock. Imagine the mixing and matching you could do then – bliss.

There are dozens of things that I would list, that if I was able to get them implemented I would lol, but I want to hear yours, so Imagine, if you were able to have free reign over Phils Place for 24 hours, and all the resources and technology at your disposal what THREE things would you do, change, etc.

NOW as this could potentially get a bit whacko in comments, or not, lets make it very clear up front, you cannot post that you would remove someone , steal, copy, grief, attack, make things free, etc, these have to be things that would benefit all and be some kind of change to an existing ailment, or possibly the introduction of a new tool.

The changes or new ideas you comment with may not even benefit you, they might just be something you have often thought would be a help, like the ability to mod items on an avatar , when granted mod rights by the person wearing the items, this would help in customer service and also when people are new to Phils Place for sure.

Anyway have at it, and I can’t wait to see your ideas :o) you can post anon but seriously take the credit lol

xox Sasy xox