Wiggles for BamBam

Wiggles for BamBam – no wait that can’t be right.

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Slink Mary Janes

What about calling it ‘OMG I LOVE THOSE PANTS! ” yeah that would work I think.

” What pants are you particularly reffering to ?”  you ask, well I will tell you when I get to them – I so heard you ask that with an accent.

I had a shocking occurance late last night, it happened at about 2am, I was ready to show some items that I had finally all sorted into sub folders in my to blog folder, and when I opened an accessories one that I have shown in the past, just neglected to move to new lodgings, I found a folder had landed in there by mistake.

Now I know I have been behind allot of late, but this was just terrible, as I usually have extra windows open and drag across but sometimes I end up being lazy and not opening a second and try and drag scroll :(. That’s the only way that I can think this happened, and I am truly glad I found it, because it was hiding so many yum yums.

The first outfit is Animal Jumpsuit, now this set has me looking at it in so many different settings. Settings as in people and places it could be worn, I guess is what I mean. When I added the Miranda Hair which is big and boofy – others say poofy which I just cant get my head around, and aussies tend to say boofy because of bouffant, we likey the slang down here.

So first thing that popped into my mind was Vegas and Dolly Parton to be more precise, because I could so see her wearing such an outfit. Then I actually went to Rio and imagined lots of gold and diamonds and rich woman with yap yap dogs, it all works. The plunging neckline of the Animal Jumpsuit over the silvery bikini top is just fun and daring, and the shorts have rolled up cuffs and a shash belt that comes already sized in small, medium and large.

The second set is the Candy Cane dress, there is allot of vintage love for this look, bit of a lucille ball look mixed in with your favourite frock from that era. The pink and white stripes are just delish, and the sheer white shirt with collar and cuffs in the same print are an added bonus, my preference though is without, but could so imagine that shirt with other items.

This could be a party dress or a casual frock for a day out, either way its fun and girly. The hair is the adorable Ringmaster hair which is scripted to change not only texture of the hair itself but all the parts to the hat except for the black hat itself. Great fun to mix and match with whatever you are wearing.

Ok now for the pants love, not only are they houdstoothy brilliance in all ways with the divine red interspersed with the black, white and grey, but the other features are that you get TWO pairs, in the pack , one is the beautiful dress slacks lenght and the others omg the baggy short pants, I so love these to death, I want them in so many more houndstoothyness prints.

The set is called Prince de Galles, and the whole combo is just delish, the ring kini top has that gorgeous print and a relaxed carefree appeal, and again a lovely blouse you can wear over the set for the chillier days, but it has to be the pants love first and foremost and again another reason is THAT BELT!.

Oh MY Goodness its just heavenly, I am actually scared to TP over there right now to see if there are more, because I know I will never finish this post and get all distracted and stuffs, but it is sooooooooo yummy, if it hasn’t already been done, my big suggestion plea, begging on hands and knees, is that that belt be made on all layers on its own , pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

The divine one sided ponytail is called Sable and this style is so sleek and luxurious, it’s very well maintained hair and as sophiticated but casual as this ensemble is it’s just perfect.

More love would have to go out for this Sweater Dress, not only do you get the fabulous chunky knit dress, but these fabulous bright harlequinesque leggings. WIth dress pants even this Sweater could be a dress or just a favourite long sweater, the turtleneck and sleeveless combo is superb and again vintagy yumyum, with the added motif to the mix you are ready for whatever and wherever the day takes you.

Some fab big glasses and the right bag or bag holder in the shape of a man, it will all work to accessorise lol. The hair is Margo, again a boofy style that lifts the hair well out of the way to show off the lean neck and stylish curves of you.

The beautiful skin I am wearing in this post is a group gift, one you will want to hurry to get from notices if thats your thing, but I do encourage you to try on all the demos from the store as well, this was a group only make up and all the others are equally fabulous. Its Surreal by name and just beautiful work overall.

Also great fun to be worn in all the pics is the Chunky Maryjanes, these are so cute they look like Mini’s on your feet, they are so groovy baby. I like the chunky soles very much and love the metalic look with the contrast running down the middle, but I so want to see that in some mix match contrast, I mean white pink , red black tooo cute , that would be fun.

Clothing by : WigWamBam

Hair By : Katat0nik-Ringmaster Hair, House of Heart – Sable, Margo, Miranda

Skin by : Stellar Designs – SD Surreal v2 Skin [Isabella] Group Exclusive

Shoes by : SLink

Accessories and Jewelry by : Essentia

Slurls to teleport to stores shown can be found HERE (click on name of store and it will open a Slurl Page for you)

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

My VR Posestand Professional/VR Posestand HUD is by VR Foundry , The NEW Features include Keyboard Controls, MONO, HUD Controls, Locking Camera and Pose Positions, ability to save Colour Sphere Presets, Return to Poses Locked previously and SOOOO Much more. The VR Posestand is sold seperately as is the VR Posestand HUD , or in a Package ..HERE, HERE, HERE, or at the VR Foundry Main Store.

My eyes which I get complimented on all the time are from Minnu Model Skins the MMS Green which I love.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch
[LAP] Long Akward Pose
Ana Lu Fresh Poses
Naughty Neko Designs
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