Magic of Oz HUNT – coz Dove said so

Magic of Oz Hunt – coz Dove Said So

Unlike the usual sitting still kind of objects, these items are being controlled by the Wicked Witch of the (insert direction here). She is very very evil and she only drops them to tease you with , and then before you know it WOOOOOSH they be gone to tempt some other soul. But we know the ways of the Hunt don’t we, yup yup , you have to be quick on the draw and focus like its the last shoe you will ever see, that’s because if you blink that Ruby Slipper is going to bounce away from your grasp.

But is the focus worth it, Yes my pretties it really is, ‘why?” you ask , well its because DOVE SAID SO , sheesh could there BE any other reason :P.

Actually there be lots, the wonderful Owners of Magic of Oz have gathered all their munchkins together to collect a virtual swarm of lovelies, and I myself have already gotten two , and one is the divine *TSM* CRYSTALINE-FORTRESS from Stringers Mausoleum, which in hair language means Emerald Crystal MoHawke, its FABULOUS!.

I’m sure there is a list of Pretties somewhere but who cares, the idea is to have fun, meet some new people – tell me when there has ever been a hunt you haven’t had a random chat with a really nice person – and visit this fantastic Sim.

Magic of OZ Do ittttttttttttttttttttttttt, coz Dove said so 😛