About Scarborough Flair

I have changed how I post due to the size of my posts.  Now I only show the pics on the main posts front page, and then the bulk part of the post is a clickable link to see more.

More is the names of stores and the items shown with the same pictures. This has a lot to do with me not wanting to take up such a large amount of space on the feeds my blog goes too. I apologise if it is confusing people.

Also all slurls/teleports to the stores shown are on a seperate TP page listed alphabetically, if you find a slurl is not current or somehow I didn’t add it thinking I had done so in the past, please let me know in world or in comments, accidents happen and stores move. I will try and get you the info asap, and update the page.

When talking in my posts if a Name is in black and bold it is the store name, if in bold and red it is the item name, hopefully that will make skimming easier and its something I have always done.

xox Sasy xox

I made a Flickr Group for Fashion Bloggers

OK so I spent like hours on Flickr tonight – this actually having a desk thing now means I spend longer on my pc if that was even possible and my bum is numb – ok where was I , Oh yeah was on Flickr and realised that when i was adding all my pics to groups , that I felt kind of odd , coz my pics are sooooo bloggy blog style , and everyone elses were all fabulous and stuffs.

So I thought well um isn’t there one for that type too, well after looking at 360 groups that have something to do with Phils Place I couldn’t find any 🙁 – I am really sorry if there was some already , I just honestly could not find one -, so I made one with a twist, each time you add a pic or 15 (each day limit 15 which should be enough even for me lol ) you put in the pics comments your blog link for the post for that pic or just your main link.

I’m hoping that not only will this give us the ability to not feel worried ours shouldn’t be in some groups – or maybe that was just me 😛 – but also a way to promote our sites and also to of course find other talent to read YAY .

You will find it HERE .

xox Sasy xox