Getting ready to attend this year’s Hair Fair ? Great!

Getting ready to attend this year’s Hair Fair? Great! The sims will open in just under an hour!!!

Just sending out some friendly advice for everyone who’s clicking away at their landmarks trying to land a spot as the first few shoppers for this year’s events…

Firstly, we must all remember that there will of course be lag. Though the pudding/jello walk will be undeniable avoidable – here are a few tips that you can do to help ease the pain of walking slush and rubber-band shopping throughout the FOUR hair fair sims:

– There are FOUR sims this year – so if you are trying to get into one and failing, perhaps try starting in a different sim? Each sim offers a bounty of hairstyles from everyone’s favorite coiffures in Second Life, and even if you cannot go directly to the sim hosting your personal favorite, taking a walk through another might introduce you to something new and equally as great!

– Hair Fair 2008 will stand for roughly -two weeks- this year! Though the prospect of stuffing your inventories with new hair all in the first day may be enticing, there will be events and shopping for the full duration of the event. If you are looking to demo hairstyles, the best way to do so is to explore the sims and pick up the demos and then try them elsewhere so that you can later return and pick up the hairstyles of your choosing.

– Less prims = Less Lag. This isn’t a concept that is new to shopping in Second Life as we all know. Please be courteous to your fellow shoppers and reduce your prim counts before entering the sims. The most daring of course will go without their favorite heels and high-prim hairs, but for the more self conscious – we ask that you think of the others as well as yourself before hopping in. (You may also want consider going bald especially if you’ll be returning home to try on your prim hairs/demos before buying.)

– Removing scripted HUDS/items such as AOs will greatly benefit the stability of the sim in which you are shopping in. (These items can include but are not limited to AOs, Mysti HUDS, Emote HUDS, bling particles, facelights etc.)

Please remember, above all else – Hair Fair 2008 is a charity event that benefits a wonderful cause (Locks of Love). Please be kind to your fellow shoppers and designers alike and remember what we are all here trying to do.

Thanks everyone!
– Sofia Gray, Hair Fair Committee Member