Rock me Fae-medeus

Rock Me Fae-medeus

Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe has been a very busy Fae of late. She has rebuilt her main store, been creating poses, been creating some incredible Jewelry pieces in sculpties, and collaborated with Shelly Toonie of Moonshine to create the incredible Shaylee set , that started off with wings.

These hand painted wings are so beautiful, they are what inspired the stunning strapless top that matches them, and then went on to inspire the divine flowing peasant style skirts. I just love how creativity goes through such wonderful progressions like that.

I was very upset though, that from being swamped so much lately, I hadn’t had the chance to already show the incredible Quartz Crystal Pendant and Earrings also from Studio Sidhe, and worse had to ask Faery to hold off on sending me Shaylee for a few days.

But see, as I have mentioned so many times in other posts, I strongly believe in Blogger Fate. The day before last, Poptart lilliehook IM’d me asking if I showcased Skins – ok she said review but I don’t like that word. I asked a few questions and got a LM and the next day tp’d over to check them out. I grabbed the Demos, tpd home and WOW!, seriously just WOW!.

The Store is Lionskins and the creator is Lion Jonesford, many of you probably know her work from LBD as she has a store there as well, but I was totally floored by not only the latest releases in the skin range, but also the older skins. This is where the fate comes in, while I was trying on the skin Demo’s all that kept flashing through my head was Shaylee and so many other creations I have and have seen, and imagine these skins and their incredible make-ups to look superb with.

This first one is bliss, the Shaylee set in Fire is just a superb array of rich warm tones, the wings and top as I said are hand painted and just superb. The top is a concept of being wrapped in the wings themselves, and the skirt is just gorgeous, I can see wearing any of the pieces of these sets often. The beautiful Quartz Crystal set is in Amber and just enhances the whole ensemble.

“AMBER: Actually fossilised tree resin, cheering and joyful, repels spiders and is a powerful healer. It stimulates intellect, purifies birthing rooms (when burned). Used to assure vows and promises.”

This first skin is the SUNKISSED-LionSkins-32 which isn’t one of the New ones but an older skin and just remarkable, and the price on this one is only 600L , the newer skins are 1200L and between the two I doubt there isn’t a make-up you will not love. The colours in the make-up are just perfect for this set, and the design surrounding the eyes is in keeping with the whole winged look.

The next set is the Shaylee in Opium, again a stunning array of incredibly vibrant colours, mixing purples with blues and silver, which again is beautifully matched this time with the Quartz Crystal set in Abalone. This time the skin of choice is LionSkins SUZANA- sunkissed 41, this is one of the newer skins released, I just love the soft lips but incredible Smokey eyes, that again the blends of colour were just perfect for this set and so many other wonderful creations.

Being in my mid 30’s and starting out young in going out, other aussies will varify that in the 80’s here going out underage was wayyyy easy. Even easier if you were tall like me. One thing I have mentioned in the past is that I used to only wear black, black everything, except I didn’t go much for the black make-up. All my colour went into my eyes and lips, I probably had every colour eyeshadow, lipstick and liner you could imagine and I went overboard always , not tacky blue shadow 80’s overboard – and that is kind of a overused exaggeration that we did wear that much light blue shadow anyway.

I used to be highly creative in my make-up and it was awesome fun, and all of the Lion Skins remind me of that, whatever you are wearing whether it be rich in colours or a basic tone, these skins will just enhance and dazzle.

Spring Shaylee is a lush array of green and orange tones , so delightful and fresh. I love this kind of green you just feel invigorated in it. The Greenstone Quartz Crystal set again just looks stunning , the brown leather necklace is just perfect for this style of pendant.

As soon as I put it on I knew which skin I wanted to wear with it, it being the first in the folder I had passed it a few times choosing and went straight to it this time, the blend of colours are matched perfectly with the Shaylee Spring , its funky and stylish and looks like someone tagged your face with make up. It is the LionSkinsSUZANA- sunkissed 67. I just love the no lipstick look with that simple soft green stripe , just yummy.

Purple Haze Shaylee is another blend of beautiful Purples and Blues , this time deeper and oh so delish. I love the midnight blue and silver in this top and wings especially and the addition to a rosey pink as the underlayer of the skirt is inspired , Shelly did a magnificent job on the skirts for this set.

Going with a softer make-up this time in the form of the LionSkinsSUZANA- sunkissed 49, as the set is so bright and rich this time I wanted to show a softer face look and this is perfect, the lips are just barely made up , but just enough and the shadow is wonderful.

Winter Shaylee is where I am at and with it being Silver/Grey for the most part, I am loving it. The purples and the rich blue are just fabulously combined and again I can see myself in the skirt lots and lots. LionSkinsSUZANA- sunkissed 23 is the make up choice this time, nude lips and the dramatic eyes with more of a pink than purple shadow, which always looks great with silver and the others, extending out to the sides in a similar depth of blue, just gorgeous.

The hair I am wearing in all these pics is the Pompadour hair by Shop Seu, a brilliant pulled back slightly to the side pony, and OMG that swept back bangs look is just gorgeous, The thing I think is brilliant about this hair too is the incredible way that Seu has made the hair line look like baby hairs that many of us have, its just brill.

Now for the Rock, Stellar Designs creator Lexi Morgan just recently released the Rockstar set, the cute thing about it is that she made it a pants set, but her huge fan base got so mortified that there wasn’t her signature mini mini mini skirt as as option. So Lexi went and created the Rockstar skirts to match , so everyone is happy now. It is an adorable set both ways, beautifully textured , and the use of a jacket layer to choose what kind of motif you want on the front of the shirt is genius, whether it be a star or guitar or you want the world to know you ROCK.

I am also loving the chance to wear the Kitties Lair High heels in Vintage Gold with this Gold Rockstar set, and I do apologise for not having a larger pic of them, but you can try the Demos on at the store , they are beautiful. The hair is the Cyberlocks hair from Deviant Kitties, I adore this style and just thought that rocker hair was called for. I am also wearing the Unisex Choker Chain from Essentia , love this choker and wear it often , so detailed in the prim work and looks great on guys or girls.

The delightful Goldish Makeup is the SUNKISSED-LionSkins-2 again one of the older skins and just Gorgeous, One thing I MUST point out, is that the body detailing on the older and newer do differ, so you must check the Demos nakey at home, stresses the at home part coz “M” getting her gear off in the store has traumatised me for the week lol – j/k only slightly traumatised – and as she said the tummies are lickable lol.

Silver Rockstar is just scrumptious too, the metalics in both the gold and the silver are just wonderful, the detailing on the pants is super cute and you get the option of belted or not, which is wonderful if you have a fab prim/sculpted belt collection of your own you favor. You can see better in this pic the Star emblem on the front of the shirt, as I said you can wear with or without these , so handy.

The BP* Big Bomb Hair 1 was just perfect for this look, its so big lol and just incredibly styled , there are two versions in the pack and I love the way the bangs on this one are slightly parted for a more realistic look. See see lickable tummy in the house, the make up this time and again one I had passed so ran straight to it is the LionSkinsSUZANA-pale 15 , the metailic shine to the shadow on this is creamy and I used to have some incredible cream shadows in the 80’s in metalic blues and greens , omg I love those , do they even make that kind of thing anymore?. The rich red in the lips on this one are matte and divine, the kind of make up you need when thrashing about to your favourite band.

The shadow on this SUNKISSED-LionSkins-22 is inspired yet again, the use of patterns below the brow, really creates a theme to dress for, black lined and those agian beautiful bruised pink lips, I call that shade of pink that because to me thats how it looks and its such a gooooooood thing. Again this is one of the older skins, so you have so much choice.

The Rockstar pink shows the unbelted option this time with guitar motif , and just look at my muscles from rocking out lol. The hair is Edgy an older style thats been recently given a new lease on life from Diversity Hair , slight changes to bring it up to a new fresh look and just delish especially in this pink.

Rockstar Red gave me the chance to run over to Gritty Kitty and grab the newish Bilirubin hair, this hair is scripted for the streaks to change colour and the fab bandana skarf to change textures. I didn’t get a pic of the back and its more so because I do not want to spoil the surprise that I got when I tried on the Demo , I was in fits of giggles, but INCREDIBLE prim/sculptie work on whats back there , but talk about 80’s flashbacks lol. The style is wonderful and you do have the option to just make the streaks black so that you have a all over look if your colour choice is black, as this is.

Heavenly Smokey Red Shadow in the SUNKISSED-LionSkins-14 – again older style skin – I love the semi gloss look to the lips on this one , the same as the gold, you could wear this with your every day cas look for sure.

So make sure you head over to Lion Skins and try on Demo after Demo, so much fun even if you aren’t looking for skins right now, save your favourites and next time you have an event to dress for, consider making your skin the centre of attention.

Remember all TP’s to the stores blogged can be found HERE .

Skins: Lion Skins

Clothes: Studio Sidhe (moonshine Collab) & Stellar Designs

Hair : Shoe Seu,Deviant Kitties,BP*,Diversity Hair,Gritty Kitty

Jewelry & Accessories : Studio Sidhe, Essentia

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

My Posestand is by VR Fetish/Fashion and also available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

My eyes which I get complimented on all the time are from Minnu Model Skins the MMS Green which I love.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch
[LAP] Long Akward Pose
Ana Lu Fresh Poses
Naughty Neko Designs
Imperial Elegance
Lost Angels
Studio Sidhe
Vista Animations