SUPERCALLAFREAKINAWESOME and a Movie- the aussies will know Ive been dieing to use that title for a month lol

Some of you may already know that I am on the Hair Fair Committee some may not lol, two of my Committee members are Damien Fate and Washu Zebrastripe, today like any other poor Washu was ten seconds in world before I pounced – literally, I have the IM archives to prove it – she explained that she was overwhelmed today as they were preparing for the 9th of July opening of their NEW Sim called Loco Pocos.

Being ever so nosey , I wanted to know what this NEW sim was, and was invited over to have a look. I already knew that both are incredibly talented together and separately in whatever endeavors they take on, but NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING prepared me for this.

I have many friends in world that are furries and cubbies, thats not a secret, and one thing I know for certain is how difficult it can be to take on an avatar so rigid in design and make it your own so to speak. Many of them aren’t mod , and even a few aren’t copy, which makes editing them so difficult. Then there is the price. Everyone who creates in Phils Place deserves to charge what they see fit for their own work , this is not about that, but many of my friends have bought so many avatars at 1K + and then not been too happy with the outcome, or just over it in a few weeks lol.

Which I totally get , I mean can you imagine wearing one complete head to toe outfit day in and day out. Anyway I am rambling , thing is that Damien was given a job to make an avatar for a project – secret squirrel business it is too so shhhhh – and while doing so, discovered exactly what was involved in the process and it inspired him to go forward from there.

Now Loco Pocos is not just an avatar store oh no , and its not really a furry furry store either , as the avatars are actually Tiny’s. There is a Cat a Rabbit , a Mouse a Pig and a Bear – I hope I left no one out – and each one has a female or male version. But it doesn’t stop there , oh no. When you purchase an avatar you have a hud attachment allowing for different colours, in fur, eyes, whiskers – if you have them – nose. It also has a Gestures hud that you will see in the film that does so many wonderful and fun things.

Then when you purchase your accessories the hud updates to include those and all the colour changes you have for each item. The items are also full mod and copy , so you can go further than even Damien and Washu have done for you. The base avatar is 350L and then each accessory is 100L , so you can go as high as you want with additions, that is totally up to you.

But as I said Loco Pocos is so much more than that , and my experience so far on two tours and revisiting again already twice is just awe, pure and simple yes I cried, not huge sobby tears , just tears of absolute amazement and joy that we have been given such a gift. I was so moved by it all and I am so hoping you will be too.

The island is based on a story, a story that involved the splendid tree of which Loco Pocos is built on and around and under. It Involves Journals by past explorers and treasure hunters, and you get to recreate those travels yourself and find unbelievable secrets I haven’t shown. As well as all the beauty and fun that is puzzles and games , you will find treasure that will not EVER be available to buy , additions to your avatar that you can wear as trophies for making it through the challenges that face you.

Believe me they are challenges, but oh so much fun, I could spend all day at Loco Pocos and I probably will on the 9th of July or as long as I can anyway. For that ONE DAY ONLY , from noon SL time , you will be able to get yourself an avatar that will also NEVER AGAIN be available.
This is going to be an event NOT TO MISS, make sure you tell everyone you know that has a weakness for the magical , because this is something you will always remember.

Following is the official Press Release for Loco Pocos and HERE is the link to their official website.

Loco Pocos , if you want access before the opening join the Group in world and explore , not everything is finalised but you will fall in love.

xoxo Sasy xox



LOCO POCOS ISLAND – Damien Fate has gone out on limb, literally, to bring to the Second Life grid an interactive destination unlike any other.

On July 9, 2008, Second Life ™ residents will be able to experience, first hand, the magic that is Loco Pocos Island. The island is built with a story in mind, and visitors are invited to search the island for pages from the unfortunate Captain B. Bonnik’s journal. Each journal entry will piece together the history of Loco Pocos Island and will lead the visitor to secret locations where special tasks and rewards await. The centerpiece of the island is the mythical tree, Rokeden. With it’s rich texturing, imaginative design and Fate’s characteristic attention to detail, visitors to the sim will instantly become immersed in, and a part of, the fantasy that is the story of Loco Pocos Island.

Fate felt inspired to create Loco Pocos Island hoping to bring a unique experience to Second Life residents. “My dream was to create something new in SL, not with just a product, but a whole island experience. Something that is intuitive, bringing things to a whole new level and above all, bring everyone in SL together by removing all language barriers possible.” Fate continued. “Sims can be so much more than just a store, avatars can be so much more than just prims.”

Loco Pocos, which, loosely translated, means “crazy tinies”, are the inhabitants of this magical island. Each sculpted avatar, equipped with a user-friendly HUD, is meticulously detailed and textured. The Loco Pocos are infinitely customizable via the HUD for maximum personalization. Each avatar is able to emote and gesture via the HUD and wearing any of the multiple Loco Pocos accessories automatically updates the HUD with the appropriate customization options for that item.

The HUD itself is designed to offer maximum ease-of-use. The graphic icons are easily recognizable and a users manual, translated into seven languages, has been provided for those who prefer text based instruction. Overall, though, each avatar and it’s HUD was designed so that the end-user could visit the Island Store, purchase an avatar and begin exploring all of the island’s adventures within minutes.

Prior to beginning the Loco Pocos project, Fate worked with the Electric Sheep Company, playing a major role in the development of such notable projects as Ben and Jerry’s island, IBM Sentinel 2.0, and CSI:NY (tv shows and inworld game/machinima), independently developed a popular line of Final Fantasy avatars, and the mirada.smartHUD, an emotion HUD which, to date, has sold over 5,000 units.

Fate was joined in this endeavor by his partner and wife, Washu Zebrastripe. Zebrastripe is a beta lifetime member of Second Life and is the original creator of prim hair. Fate and Zebrastripe are also co-owners of the Hairspray Sim.

To kick off the Grand Opening of Loco Pocos Island, a massive scavenger hunt event will begin at Noon SLT on July 9, 2008. Visitors to the sim on this date will have the opportunity to win a unique avatar which will only be available during events at Loco Pocos Island.

For more information about Loco Pocos Island, please contact Damien Fate or Washu Zebrastripe or visit the Loco Pocos website.

Photos are available from Damien Fate’s Flickr Photostream and from the Loco Pocos Flickr Group page.