Alexa Lioncourt posted this on Fashion Finds today and I for one am jumping with joy, my friends and I have always shopping in places from the least traffic and found the most incredible places that way, stores that have tiny stores and create incredible work. Now due to the traffic going that means that now TALENT will be the leading drive behind shopping , I am so excited , thank you Alexa for making my day .

by Alexa :
One of the things I do almost daily is check the traffic for the store I manage with my partner. Today, I did my normal search using both the ALL tab and the PLACES tab.

With the redesign of the PLACES tab, the horribly gamed Traffic numbers are now gone! This is a huge improvement that many of us have waited for. No longer do casinos and trashy clubs out rank the legitimate businesses. Camping no longer makes any sense, since the only way you see traffic now is by literally standing on said plot and looking it up.

Both searches now come down to keyword marketing. Yes, this has already been gamed too – look at the wide range of search words clubs use… but we all look at the names that come up in search and know which ones aren’t legit.

I look forward to the time when this is rolled into the main viewers. I’m so happy all the designers who are not the Nordstrom shops of SL… the boutique stops that are just trying to design great products and hope to be noticed.