Swishhh Featuring Efemera Bisiani

It has to be said, as a dancer, I love high-quality flexi, so when I got the notice about Digit Darkes’ newest release, the Determined Coat, I tp’d straight over to check it out. And I’m oh so glad I did! Just look at that swishiness, the gentle flowing movement – totally delicious. I’m wearing the teal set just as it comes in the picture above, with the lingerie that’s included. I just adore the rich colour of this, and the texturing on the prim skirt is beautifully evocative of it’s movement. It’s just a shame I don’t know how to make video’s to show you exactly how lush the movement is.

Now, I have to admit, that the lingerie, great tho it is with the set, I probably wouldn’t wear by itself, and in my line of work, I need to think about how I look in a state of undress. *winks* So, I decided to try it out with some other lingerie. Black and red are somewhat signature colours for me, and I wanted to wear the black coat with red lingerie, but the belt on the black version was white *pouts*. If only we had more layer options available, would be fantastic to see this with alternate belt colours. But with that idea out of the running, I went with black under this incredibly sexy red which I think works really well. Lots of sets I could have chosen from, but I particularly liked Insolence’s Laure combo. The corset giving that little bit of extra coverage I think just makes the glimpses of skin so much more alluring.

With performing, I’m very aware of keeping my outfits fresh, and Digit’s clothes aren’t exactly at the lower end of the price range, which is why I resisted (with much pain!) the gorgeous Antigua sets. However, the plain colours of the Determined range lend themselves to a range of outfits, swimwear being the obvious example, and I decided to attempt a more casual look. Now, I’ll admit, this isn’t perfect, but with it being Sunday afternoon and all, it was a nightmare trying to search my inventory (doncha just hate the way searches reset everytime someone on your friends list comes on/offline). Still, I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Kept it simple with a pair of deep blue slacks and a neutral tank top, but accentuated the turquoise of the coat belt with the Arizona turquoise set from Trixie’s Treasures. Sure not an outfit I’d wear at a sale – imagine the lag! – but I hope it shows that the Determined Coat can be a very useful addition to your wardrobe.

I also put together this distinctly non-traditional wedding look, which I just love and would happily wear RL – tho somehow I think my mother might disapprove of the corset! *winks* The Essentia Bouquet ties the whole look together a treat I think. I snuck into the ballroom from the Fleur/Nicky Ree soiree as I thought it was just the perfect setting, and was amazed again by the build.

Picture 1:

Digit Darkes – Determined Coat – Teal

Maitreya – Slinky Stillettos – Patent Turquoise

Earthtones – The New Grazia Necklace & Earrings Set – Silver Blue

Hair: Maitreya – Eva

Skin: Canimal – Essence (Charm)… of Poison

Manicure – Fleur – Toxic Shimmer

Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes

Eyes: Simtropia – Gray Deep

Picture 2:

Digit Darkes – Determined Coat – Red

Insolence – Laure – Black

Maitreya – Verve – Red

Shiny Things – Nighttime Gems – Silver

Hair: ETD – Jessica

Skin: Canimal – Essence (Charm)… of Pinup

Manicure – Fleur – Red

Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes

Eyes: Simtropia – Gray Deep

Picture 3:

Digit Darkes – Determined Coat – Choco

Last Call – Casablanca Tank Top

Last Call – Lyra Suit Slacks

Maitreya – Sassy – Velvet Brown

Trixie’s Treasures – Arizona

Hair: Armidi – The Rainy Day

Skin: PXL Linda_Light_Coffe_NaturalEyes_BlackEB

Manicure – Fleur – French Beige

Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes

Eyes: Simtropia – Gray Deep

Picture 4:

Digit Darkes – Determined Coat – White
Nicky Ree – Sexy Rose Top V1 – Red
Blaze – Columbia Suit Trousers – White
Maitreya – Verve – Red
Muse – The Dauphine Set – Silver/Jet
Essentia – Brides Cascading Bouquet – Burgundy

Hair: ETD – Maaliyah
Skin: Canimal – Essence (Charm)… of Roses
Manicure: Fleur – Claret

Also wearing:
Lashes: Cake – Flutter Lashes
Eyes: Simtropia – Gray Deep

( I added an edit as Efe did a Mark 2 part as seen HERE, and didn’t want you to miss out on another Yummy idea, but make sure you go see the full post )