Ive been thinking again :P

I have had some interesting conversations this past few days, and a lot of it has been about New Residents.I turned 2 the other day, and as I have mentioned in the past, as have many others, a lot has changed in that two years in Phils Place.

We have grown to ginormous proportions, but one thing has changed noticeably, or perhaps actually without notice at all. Everything is FASTER! have you noticed that?. When I came in world, yes I was brought in and yes morphed within 30 minutes by my friend and his friends, but never felt inundated by that, just went with the flow, day two I was already settled where I planned on being and then took my time learning things, had helpful advice from the people that owned where I was, didn’t find out until I was already too old that Gurl 6 had her free hair deal, but had money and already had by then bought lots of hair – lol so I thought at the time – so just shopped there happy to find more.

Had sooo many freebies from places that used to pack them all into one box and spent hours every day unpacking at my leisure and oooing and ahhhing over my treasures. I remember my first lesson on uploading a picture and making a prim and thinking that my semi transparent luis royo print with water animation added was the best thing since sliced bread.

But now its, omg did you get the skins from Adam n Eve?, and did you go to Fleur yet?, you have to mod your shape?, and learn this? ,do that know this?, go there. I mean half the grid of females can all probably admit to wearing the Passport Malibu skin by Starley for at least a month if not more when they started out, and everyone was happy.

We used to joke about shopping more than any amount of events could possibly happen to wear them all to, but now thats quadrupled in volume – don’t get me wrong I’m all for shopping. Thing is now there are so many more events, Openings, Hunts , Fundraisers, Promotions, Pageants, Fashion Shows and so many other occasions that happen constantly.

It’s getting exhausting just trying to work them all into some kind of order, never mind actually attending them, and if they conflict OMG which do you go to, or can you go to both if enough time overlaps.I know how hard it is for myself and many others that have been in world for an extended period of time, we know what we can manage and if we work or own businesses, we know that we cant spread ourselves that thin.

But New people don’t, they get this crazy fast tracked explanation of what Phils Place is all about, when we are convinced we are helping, and yes we are in a way, but to what point, yes I know myself I have my folder ready to pass on and say ok here is all these landmarks no go get all that stuff so you can look a certain way and then have fun. I realised though last night I dont tend to tell them to do that folder at a slow pace, that they have a month for some and a few weeks for others to obtain the goodies.

We used to tell people to go to sandboxes and learn how to unpack things and try on things and spend time learning the basics, I can’t remember the last time I taught anyone to unpack a box.I know that a lot of my dealings with new Residents is when they are trying to get their first hair etc, and so I do teach them some basics when going through those points, but it amazes me daily when dealing with even older residents as in at least 6 months old, that they don’t know where to find transaction information , the way Phils Place is lately that is something you MUST KNOW!.

I found torleys tutorials at the end of last year early this year, not sure when its all a blur, but it blew my mind that I didn’t know about them, and yes they might not be what everyone needs to watch but why the hell isn’t that on the front page of the website?, there are valuable bits of info in them, why don’t they have those tips and tricks right at the start?.

Also recently I had a girl spam our group, I IM’d her informed her that what she had done will not be tolerated again etc etc, when I spoke to her she was mortified, her reason to do so wasn’t to spam it was to share, the people that owned the store she spammed the slurl to had treated her so nicely in her first few days in world that she thought she would let people know of their business, so cute and I actually really believed her… she felt so bad that she may have ruined their reputation she was going to write them a note card saying what she had done and apologise.

Believe me I dont for a second believe all are doing it for that reason, but how many get promises of money or products to do that and don’t actually realise its not just advertising, I mean person A says to New Person B ‘I will pay you to send messages to other residents using these steps ” I mean how would a new person really know that thats not a process in Phils Place like mail box brochures in RL. I would think it would make a lot of sense when looking at it from the terms of ‘ Yeah the Mothership only gives us 25 groups and I cant send notices to all that need to know the info because of those limits, so if you join 25 or even swap them over and send my notices for me I will pay you ” sounds normal to me, but it isn’t .

Bigger groups are having to pay for subscribe-o-matics to stop the constant spamming, and for the most part those people are always new to Phils Place. Also with all the failed deliveries and stale transactions of late, so many businesses are constantly trying to keep up with customer issues and never actually have time to create as much as they want to.

Thats the other thing that New Residents dont understand until a long enough amount of time in Phils Place, the fact that the Mothership has issues daily… it is not some crazy scam that designers are orchestrating to part them with their moola, but actual technical difficulties, and when people are New they tend to only associate with other New people, so that info doesn’t get passed on too easily either. I don’t know what my actual reason for this post is, other than we need to step back a bit, slow down, something that will level out the status quo or something.

I almost wrote a post a few weeks back, that was going to be titled ‘I hate Designers in Seclusion’ oh lordy that would have been interesting to watch see people take it all wrong, the idea of the post was going to be based on the fact that many designers are more than just group members, they really are cut off from everything, trying so hard to create and manage their businesses, and at what cost?.

Phils Place is the only 24/7 operating 365 days a year industry that I know of, it may be virtual but the computers don’t work the people do, and they work hard. Every single day Designers and Creators and Staff log on and deal with what has occurred in the time that they may have taken a few hours sleep, or had to drive the kids to school or in a lot of cases, work their full time RL jobs.

But that doesnt stop Phils Place or even slow it down, I have seen many comments and heard general chat about the Hunts and Shows and all those other things that are pulling and stretching everyone so thinly, and I thought WHY ?. Why do we have to get something from Designers constantly to appreciate their talent etc.

I want a different event, I want a HUNT A DESIGNER! I want an INTERNATIONAL DESIGNER APPRECIATION WEEK! like a huge Phils Place wide event where every single Designer/ Creator has a sign up in their stores stating what days and times they can be in their store for a meet and greet . A few weeks back Digit and I had to go set up in the middle of an event at a sim she has a store at, and people that arrived at the store nearly peed their pants that she was there , in person. It was seriously adorable.

They were oooing and aaaaing over her and telling her how much they loved her designs, and how they found her store way back when, and how their special moment was in one of her creations etc etc, and thats not the first time I have seen that happen with designers. People of Phils Place honestly adore meeting the people that create their inventory, last year prior to hair fair I had to take pics of all the Hair Designers, over 50 designers at my house one at a time, I WAS IN HAIR ADDICTS HEAVEN.

Not only did I get to meet some incredible people, but some brought their partners along too and I was in more heaven as many have creative partners as well, lol – if they only knew how excited I was, its amazing I got any pics taken at all. I remember once being tpd to a lucky chair thing at Calla and Sylfie Minogue tpd in, I actually “OMG its Sylfie ” ‘d into open chat, poor woman, I probably freaked her out lol. That also would happen a lot when designers are shopping I am sure, but if the events were in their own stores or land, in their own Meet and Greet environment IT WOULD ROCK !.

Imagine the themes too, I mean Antonia could have a sock hop at Artilleri, or even a clam bake and we can all dress as Gidget and Moondoggy – Omg I loved him so bad. Sachi could have a ladies luncheon or high tea – she is British after all :P. Six could have a Pyjama Party and we could brush each others hair *giggles*.

I dont know I completely went from one thing to another, but I would just love us all to SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Down and do some events where there is nothing to gain but experience, getting to appreciate the content creators that really enrich our lives, and also to hear experiences of their own Phils Place lives, In my years here I have heard many stories of how one designer started out because they were so inspired by another and so on.I also know that many designers are inspired by their customers for one reason or another, whether its by a nice notecard sent to them when they were starting out, or just the fact that every time they release something that person is the first to tp in. But often due to other things going on Designers dont get to spend quality time talking to people that they would love to take a few moments to talk to.

Also not only do content creators have to do this, but also all the other industries, the fashion show people, the modeling agencies, EVERYONE that provides a Service – hee hee at my Have To :P.

Hell each event could be STORY TIME at Phils Place lol. No one take this as me saying that all those other events are bad, they arent, they keep Phils Place lively and are also wonderful ways to meet wonderful people, and lots of people put incredible amounts of time into throwing them. Anyway thats my rant/thunk of the day.

xoxo Sasy xoxo