Plenty for Everyone

I’m only one person, but I now have 72 NEW Lounge suites. Ok seriously, 72 is only the minimum amount of combinations that the NEW PFE Infuse series has.

Thaumata Strangelove of Plenty for Everyone, has really kept true to her store name with this incredible series.

All pieces shown have drop downs on click that allow for either 6 choices of wood, and the sitting pieces have another drop down for 12 choices of fabric, its amazing.

The textures for the fabric are vintage Yummy, as previously shown in her bedroom sets, she has a real knack for collecting retro inspired fabrics, and enhancing them for furniture to have that real weathered/worn look, and its wonderful in these pieces.

The seats all have great poses as you can see in the pics, and what I loved about the sofa, is that for once trying to sit on each individual cushion without anyone else there, actually did let me sit on the cushion of my choice – for some odd reason, usually when I try and do that on others I always end up where the sofa says I have to.

I really love the comfortable used look about this set, its so cozy and the wood, has a real seaside thing going on , with its stripped back finish , and hello PINK WOOD – that could be dirty in some households – but here its just FANTASTIC , actually for me its love for all 6 of the fab wood finishes.

As I have said before, and with the bedroom sets it was lovely, but for living room its fabulastic , they are all COPY , yes you can put pieces all over the house, want four sofas DONE , want an armchair or two in the den DONE , need an ottoman by the fireplace DONE DONE , and all of them can look different , 72 is the minimum, you could do all sorts of crazy with these.

Even better, there is the extra cushions , square and round for the sofa , that also drop down texture change for contrast…you have to go and see this set , its just divine in its YUMMY!. Oh and before I forget, the cushions are sculpty, so the prim count isnt as high as with prim furniture.

xoxo Sasy xoxo