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‘Its not a House its a Home’ part two / Whopping Great BIG Post

Truth Hawks of TRUTH Designs, just rebuilt his sim, and I am LOVING it. If you’re Australian like we are, or you are a lover of Aussie movies, you will understand the title of this and the last post….if not then you have to learn :oP.

Ok Ok you may work it out anyway, when I start going on and on about how Truth hasnt just set out to build a mall around his own Beautiful Main Store, but has invited friends he cares about to join him on his sim.

In doing so he has created a ‘Home’ for them, and you can feel it. The sim is stunning in its design, but there is a definite energy surrounding it that makes you want to stay. As you can see I tpd back to write this post sitting by the wonderful fountain in the courtyard.

The sim is very italian piazza, and thats such an aussie thing to do too, you really have to know what we are all about down here to get that lol – looks around for some Gelato.

The stores all over the sim are some very very familiar names , and a few NEW ones too including of course Arcane, the fabulous Aussie Skinner.

I am so glad I got a New pc this week, just to be able to enjoy the spectacular beauty of Sweet Sorrow, and omg everything rezzed for me *sniffles* and the waterrrrr omg the water.

But lets get to the goodies shall we, the skin I am wearing in all shots is of course from Arcane. The first picture is The Gypsy Coat by TRUTH and the incredible Loose fit Cargo Pants.

This coat is fabulous, not just in colour, and there are others..but the overall style and detailing is just YUMMO!. I love the open style of it the most as it allows you to show off not just one item of clothing but lots, or in this case my fab new tummy lol.

You can of course wear it without the prims, but look at the great fit of the coat, didn’t have to edit a thing, I LOVE when that happens. The belts is fabulous, the structure of it is great, it really really looks like a belt should when unbuckled.

The lapel and hoody colour is divine and rich in contrast with the fabulous deep cherry of the coat , it definitely is a great choice for daytime casual moving into nightime dressy. The Loose Fit Cargo pants were a Must Have for me, they are grey, so I really don’t have to go into that lol. but the shading and length is just fab, with their prim cuffs for that rolled up look, and my favourite part is the side waistband, I love when pants do up a bit to one side, its just a little sexier.

The fab and quirky hair is Lilo, a NEW release by Truth in his hair section and OMG the hair this man is creating is just fantasorgasamastic – Truth gets a new made up word. The shoes are the Heel Strap Platforms by ETD.

Savvy? is also there another well known Aussie, Dakota Buck… as many of you know Dakota has joined the team over at Armidi, which is hell exciting, but unfortunately means no newness for Savvy? well I for one am all about the oldness too, and for me today two sets I am going to show are brand new to moi.

This is the Eve of Destruction set, and its just all degrees of splendid. For one it has a SYSTEM SKIRT – quickly puts it in the right category so I don’t forget – The divine Pencil skirt is, well divine lol. I love pencil skirts and again this one is done properly, fantastic length, shading and design.

Dakota’s use of not the norm colour wise is what I adore about her creations, many couldnt envision that kind of yellowy colour in a set like this one, but its what made me buy it in the first place lol ok second I lie, we all know it was the skirt.

One thing I will ALWAYS hands down commend Dakota for, and strongly stand by my claim she was the ‘first’ to do it, is her implementing of layers. Ok she might not have been, but she was definitely the first to grab everyones attention for doing it lol. It definitely is those little things that make her shine though, not just by seperately packaging all additional layers in the one set, so you dont get confused…but also the additions of things like glove layers for sleeve lengtheners, and in this top that looks fab.

The Military collared crop jacket is stunning as well, and you will get lots of use out of that in other outfits I am sure, as well as the tights added to the mix to create a complete ‘look’. The hair is Dorothy by TRUTH and not only is it a fabulous style but again I am so in love with the Browns 2 pack, the colours are scrumptious. The shoes are the Fujin Saena heels from Enkythings that I spoke about yesterday ALL money from the sale of these lovely shoes will go to Charity, so please buy them

Artilleri is also at Sweet Sorrow WOOOT! and though Antonia isnt an Aussie she is like coming home as well, there is something comforting when you see Artilleri at a sim, its like a nice little stamp of approval that the sim is good apples.

This Lingerie is Deanna polka dots, and I have had it for a while and made sure it was in the store there. I have been dieing to wear it – hee hee I am so bad – The style is typical Vintage Gorgeousnessness, which Antonia does incredibly well.

You do have with or without Garter options and the style of panties is just YUM!, teamed up with some divine fishnets this set is definitely provocative.

The hair another NEW style by TRUTH , is Polly and I love love love this style, you only saw the front of it in the Arcane Skins post, but now you can see how delightful this uppy-do really is.

The shoes are the Nana heels from Enkythings, which you know I love bunches especially for shooting lingerie, and you do get to see some more of the body of the divine Arcane skin.

Dutch Touch and Fuse are also at Sweet Sorrow, The top I am wearing is from the Cam(O)Lis set from Dutch Touch, a set that I blogged a long while ago on Appearance Mode, great style tank, which you get three colours of in the set…I really like the high back of this style and the detailing around the empire line and hemline.

The pants are the by FUSE, fabulous cut of pants and the belt detailing is done really well. I adore the colour of them so they were a Must Have!. I am also wearing the cute Bloom Freebie Ring from FUSE thats in the store, the Hair again by TRUTH Is the Yummy Rachel Hair, the headband is change on click, but I did tint it to reach the right blue I needed.

Heel strap Platforms are from ETD and look how great the Arcane Ghost skin looks in this combo, as does the skin in all the pics as they are all as I said, but I am loving Ghost more and more each time.
Have I mentioned to you yet how much of a perve Truth is lol, well its true. If I moved my hands you would see its true just by these adorable Border Line Crop tops…there are four in the pack and they really are pervey, but really well made and great colours.
Would look great over your favourite tanks too as a closed in shrug look- why I say LOUDLY layers of everything even if it doesnt make sense- these are only on the shirt layer though but still I have stacks of tanks on the undershirt layer, as I am sure you do too.

LIX is also at Sweet Sorrow, the store owned by Ryker Beck who did a lot of the posters in Truths new Store Build, Ryker started off making jewelry and has now moved into clothing, with a small so far line of separates…and with all her PS skills I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.

These are her Essentials Corduroys in * hee hee * Ghost, couldn’t resist them. They are really well designed and I don’t think I had a really good pair of white casual pants., I do now though.

The shoes are the Nana heels in white to match of course – and will someone explain to me that no white after labor day thing, seriously I see that in movies so much and have no clue why?- from Enkythings.
Another Aussie designer is the owner of ROT Designs, a very eclectic range of clothing and accessories, this one jumped out at me though, done all one one layer, its very very funna…I used to wear vests alot in the late 80’s and always stole ties whenever I could lol -not from stores silly but people.

This is the Broder Vest in Violet,and i just like its overall Geeky-ness, so I just had to add some glasses by the fabulous Prim-Optic store.

These glasses are called Sleek and are so many kinds of cool. You might think they are just glasses but they are so much more. Each pair comes with click to colour change the frames and lenses separately, yes you can also tint the glass but colour it also. Then you actually have a built in radar that tells you range of avatars in your proximity.

They also have built in flight assist, which for me who lives as high as I can, is a great tool to have, especially as whenever I delete part of my house and fall 600M its always the damm home setting piece *blushes* told you I don’t edit well. They also have the ability to be worn normally, or on the top of your head, for those that like to keep their glasses on at all times. They are very very cool.

What should I find in the little shed in the garden at Sweet Sorrow but Sand Shack Surf, another incredibly talented girl is Emma Gilmour *moves my glass of milk to the side just in case its catching, and her pieces in her store are just fun favourites even if you dont have them yet.

This is the Frills Trim Cardigan, and the style is just delish, the length is great for wearing over your favourite pants or in this case Loose Fit Cargo pants from TRUTH Designs. See not only do their stores go so well together but so do their clothes.

Made on the Jacket layer this fab Cardi will look great as is or with any layers you choose to wear under it. The opening at the bottom will allow for a nice splash of colour on your favourite t shirt or tank. I have on one of the Great NEW shorter Unisex styles from TRUTH called Danny 2, that is at the moment only 1L for the Fat Pack so hurry up because it will go to regular price soon.

Lastly, and again a Savvy? item, is the Dear Stephanie, WOW, it looked great in the picture but WOWZA on the body. Everything about this set is stunning.

The blouse is a divine grey colour with that incredible collar, the cropped vest is also a wonderful addition to the set as a whole or worn seperately. But the absolute LOVE came for the Jodhpurs, OMG look at them, take my word for it they are BUM-tacular!.

I love love love the realism of the fabric, real joddys are tight tight tight, and they are made with that freaky space age polycottowoolystuffs thats probably been nuclear heated, and then sent to the antartic to test on polar bears during mating season, whatever they do to it, its TIGHT!. Well Dakota managed to get that look spot on, and my bum thanks her for it.

Again the additional love in the form of sculptie sleeves, and then traveling down my pants, if you can get passed my bum you’re doing better than I did. The set is finished off with fabulosu Opaque stockings, you know the really thick private school ones- why oh why in this country would you ever make kids wear such things when its HOT, barbarians- but for this set they are spot on perfect- sorry had to have a tanty for a sec, us public schoolies had to wear them too sometimes.

I went with two looks with the footsies, the first being the Metal Pinson boots by Enkythings, as they have an equestrian look to them in their sleek lines, so suited the pants well. The second being the Diva heels by Tesla which I love for this outfit when I took off the stockings and blouse it had such a carefree look to it, very very northshore, but with sensible shoes :p.

The hair oh my the hair, is the Paris style by TRUTH and I am so in lust with this hair, the hat/beanie/floppy thing is just gorgeous, and look how divine the whole ensemble goes together. The hat is colour change on click and its staying black on mine lol I LOVE ITTTT!

Remember all the Gorgeous Liquid Skins shown in this Huge post are by Arcane, and make sure you dont miss out on the LTD Opening skin pack or the 3 fab 1L fat packs of hair this weekend , but save all your lindens because you need to buy everything in this post .

But definitely get to Sweet Sorrow for a really lovely time, strolling around in the spacious courtyard and enjoy the sim as a place where Truth has brought incredibly talented people together to share his HOME!.

xoxo Sasy xoxo

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch
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