Lavish me with Style

I was lucky enough to venture over to Lavish Style today and check out the Newness, but what was also so intriguing were the older items. I ended up talking to the designer behind Lavish Style, Katy Angel who has been in world for a very long time; and it shows with the broad range of items in her store.

She was very easy to talk to, but as usual I confused yet another designer with my ramblings and slang-note to self, not everyone knows addy is slang for address, bad Sasy. As I was saying, Lavish Style is a large store with a beautiful easy layout to peruse at your leasure, a lovely landing area with some REDUCED items in the courtyard and then very clear NEW RELEASES to greet you at the door.

Also I am so excited too, because I FOUND NEW HAIR! ok new to me and I am not sure I have ever seen anyone with it, but I went and bought it all, so pay attention to that too.

I am going to just jump right in because I have a huuuuge post, and Im not even done yet lol.

This first set is called Annie, and it literaly jumped off the stand and wanted to be mine.

I am not really sure if I believe in re-incarnation as such, but if it where true, then I have definitely been a bar wench and a saloon girl in my past lives-which now that I think about it would make sense as I have been in hospitality my whole life, yes 20 years retail and 36 hospitality, but dont you dare add those two numbers.

Ok where was I, Annie is an incredibly beautiful set, with a lovely silky cream base and taupe, chocolate and black detailing. This set has more of a military slant to it with those buttons going down both sides of the front, but the whole thing comes together a treat. The wonderful off shoulder sleeves are prims, and I really like how Katy has managed to make them using lots and lots of rings, so that they take on the colour tones of the skirt so well, rather than just using texture on a round prim.

The mini ruffle skirt is adorable, but I just love the bodice and the panties so much, the fact that it is lingerie and a dress is fab, and the bodice would look sensational with a longer skirt. Katy does fabulous shading and wrinkles, so that you really feel like you’re wearing something soft and sensual, and the fishnets look great when going the lingerie route.

I went a bit whacko trying to find the right colour boots for this set, and I had these ones to start, sent Damen Gorilla mental , and then ended up back where I began-dodges the smack, The boots are the fabulous Arme boots from Adam n Eve in antique cream, the square tipped pointy toe style is fab, and the buckling down the side added to that military look.

Skin is by Popfuzz Designs and is the Tan/Essential Nude make-up, which is a lovely soft make up and of course the cleavage works a treat with this dress. The Tahitian Pearls & Cameo necklace is from the Kerry set by Last Call and the reason I bought the set in the first place-the rest is fab too. The shoes I am wearing when in the lingerie are the fabulous Bonita heels by Enkythings, they had the right kind of shape for shooting stockings in and the strappy open front are delightful.

Ok time to learn about the hair by the talented Kyoko Forcella , the Hair store is called White Well, and is in one of those little market places; that you know you need to find the main store so you dont miss out on more. Now all the hair is just numbers and all the hairstyles come in one colour only, BUT! I realised that Kyoko for the most part tints that one colour to make it different, and she has found a great shade that tints incredibly well, such as I have done with this one which is 012 and I tinted it to make it this colour, so for the prices which I kid you not range between 60-70L and two styles were 3L YES, THREE LINDENS!. I know you all just TP’d, didnt you.

This next set is called Jinx and is a fab girls night out set. The strapless babydoll is gorgeous and as you can see works realy well as a tube top too, again the shading is wonderful and I really couldn’t get passed how detailed the back pockets on the pants look. I swear they look like prims, but they arent.

This set has a bit of a rocker feel to it, so I teamed it up with the Skully Seatbelt belt by everyones favourite BadBoy Truth Hawks from TRUTH. I love these belts, as they have the old style seatbelt buckle on them and thats just a cute bit of vintage wear if you ask me.

I wanted some jewelry that was black and white to go with the ensemble, Mezzanine Qi is one of those talented designers that goes AFK for months at a time lol. The Black Jade and Pearl Serenity set is sold seperate or all together and has many different options, I am wearing the Choker, Hoop Earrings and Triple Bangle, Mezzanine made all the textures himself and the detailing is superb.
The hair is again by White Well and is the colour it comes from the pack, but is again tinted, isn’t it just a gorgeous style and colour. Also her older styles-I’m guessing older- have two sizes and her newer ones have three, this is the 005 style hee hee numbers are fun, but seriously I cant imagine many of you not just buying the lot. The skin is the Tan/Smokey Mauve Taupe make-up by Popfuzz Designs.

The Lori shoes are the latest release by Tesla, and this is the black version that she felt she had to do so that her regulars wouldn’t be upset, the rest of the Lori collection are a vibrant mix of colours all named after cocktails. What I really like about the Lori heels are that even though they are vibrant and daring in texture the heels are solid and comfortable, so they are perfect for dancing into the early hours of the morning.

Meet Anastacia, isn’t this set yummy, again its a daring little mini dress with fantastic underpants layers so that you have your whole look in one.

The detailing to the top is superb, the crossover back and front straps and collar are wonderful,again leading you to want to add some grand gown skirt for a more fomal look, or even some sleek dress pants.
What i really liked too other than the obvious sexyness of the garter and stockings, is that the stockings arent sheer but very very opaque. The underpants layer actualy comes with and without garter option which is great.

The darling little skirt and stockings make me want to grab a feather duster and start wiggling my bum, but I’ll try and behave. I went with two shoes options again, first off the Metis Heel boots by Dark Eden , I love these bucktacular boots by Etain Peregrine are just wonderful and come in wedge heel also, and all the usual Dark Eden colours. The second pair of shoes are again the Bonita heels by Enkythings, and this time you get a better look at the fronts.

The hair is White Wells 011 style and again I tinted it to make it red, and look how fab those swept back bangs are, Kyoko definitely has prim talent. The skin is the Minnu Model Skin Tan/SkinGloss Grass make-up , which is a favourite of mine with the slim red stripe down the middle of the lush lips.

Ok for some reason this green went to my silly side, and this is the outcome of superheros doing the naughty with sexy villianesses lol. This is the Julie Babydoll dress and its rich colour and detailing is gorgeous.

I love the shine on this top as a babydoll and as the top on its own, and the superb finish to the top without prim goes to show that Katy wants you to enjoy every part of the outfit. The Opaque leggings make an appearance again this time with the set in pants and socks layer for complere pantyhose coverage, but are so opaque that they make fabulous leggings with boots.

Yes I went double shoes again lol , this time the Catalyst boots by Abyss that every super villian needs in her wardrobe, and then when she is her secret identity she opts for the Arme boots by Adam n Eve this time a close up of the detailing on the boots. The Ruby Port Arme’s look fab with the Julie top as it has that gorgeous burgundy band at the bottom, and as you know all super heroes/villians are always well educated, so the books are a cute little attachment from the study date set from Icing.

I am wearing the stunning Greta Green Mask by House of Nyla, and the lovely feather and gold detailing are just magnificent for hiding your true identity-because thats all it takes lol. Having to make sure no one puts two and two together, I went with the Gladys Glasses from Artilleri in green, I love these vintage cats eye shapes frames, they are yummmmmmmmmmy.

Two skins of course , are both by Popfuzz Designs and are the Tan/Future Green make-up, sooo delectable-but if my mumma was poison ivy dont be smooching me unless I’m Yours- the other skin is the Tan/Smokey Natural Pink make-up.

I have on the NEW Prim Shimmer Nails by Fleur and these come in a wicked assortment of colours, I am wearing the Coal as it suited both looks so well… now to wear these well you will need to have the ability to mod your shape, as there are three sizes in the pack for size 20,30 and 40 hands- yes ladies your hands arent supposed to be as small as your feet. They also have gloves that mask the nails of your skin so that the prims look sleek against your fingers, this you will need to tint to match your skin.

*** PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEE CJ and Roslin can you make those the colours of the skin tones you make in each pack-dodges the bricks and iron bars- oh I am going to probably get in trouble for that, but it would so rock******

The hair is Sila a NEW release by H.C.T and Babyboo has done it again a huge seven style release of fabulous hair that has texture change on click bands, and some are made for hoody fit so that you can wear them tucked under the hoodies that she lists as available on her sim also.

Ok so I am typical lol , but how could I resist Sassy Nurse huh huh. I was having M.A.S.H moments in my head while taking these pics, if they ever made a new version of that show, this would be how hotlips hoola-cant spell her name- should dress.

lots of different looks from one saucy set, the stethescope was an adorable extra as well as the nurses cap, I am smitten by the yummy booty shorts and bra top, so how one would end up looking after days of running around looking after casualties-ok Im making it up but its HOT so who cares.

The fishnet detailing on this set is incredible, not the usual tiny square cut outs but larger ones that just add total depth to them, so much so that when I took them off I still had the indents in my skin from all that posing. The cute little ruffle skirt is flirty fun.

I just had to wear these chunky yummy boots from Digital Dragon Designs with this set.

The boots are the red Switchback boots and the detailing on these is amazing also, the fine chain work draped all over them , and the steel soles with their rich red leather.

Topping it off with more NEW hair by HCT called the Wicket Hair and it is it really is lol , again it has a texture change band and clips on the side, holding back your cute little bangs…and nothing could be better than the fact that amongst the various textures you get to choose from are GINGHAM AND ANIMAL PRINT Purrrrs and Squeeels all at the same time. Skin is the Tan/Smokey Red make-up by Popfuzz Designs and definitely gives me hotlips.

Lastly-but no I am so not finished showing you Lavish Style, the rest will follow soon- are the fab and funky Vintage Tee’s sold seperatley and worn here with the Frida Jeans from Last Call . They are the Eight Ball Tee, the Vinyl Tee , the Soul Sista Tee and the No Dorks Tee lol.

Which of course brought out my dorkyness and I had to play dress up with some of them. The shading and wrinkles again on these are fabulous and so Unisex too, what guy do you know wouldnt wear an 8-ball tshirt.

The hair is adorable and is by White Well , it is style 019 and just yummy and that is actualy the texture it comes in, a lovely rich brown. You can’t see coz I suck, but there is a low-pony tail down the back too.

The shoes are by Maitreya and I have no idea if in the main store but believe it or not they are FREE, and are the Frisky wedge heels in black and at the Gossip Girl sim- unfortunatly I have no clue where lol as I don’t know how I found the store to begin with,I just walked around and down and to the left and up and went ooo Maitreya oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooFREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Remember the other day the limelights I wore, well they also have those for Free too in the Zebra print YUMMO , so make sure you grab both when you find them.

Also free but they came free in a fat pack of a gorgeous Pencil dress I bought at GLAM, are the super cool Aviator Glasses I have on- don’t I look jiggy with it. The other item that is either free or a few measly lindens are the cute head phones from Kiki’s Closet, I am not really sure but I really do think they are Free, and have neck or head attachments and are FLUFFFFY.

The skin is the Tan/Essential light pink make up by Popfuzz Designs ,and well if you have been since the release, just letting you know that Popfuzz has added another version to all skin packs, the down there area is now shaved so that there wont be any complications when wearing lingerie or low hugging jeans etc, so you get both versions in each skin choice. That was a huge undertaking too to redo another 615 skins, and Popfuzz is going to send out the additions to all that have already purchased, awww she is so sweet.

I hope you have enjoyed the Lavish Style post today and I am going to follow up with more later I promise, so many beautiful pieces still to come….but dont hesitate to head over to there and of course the other stores shown today. Today in addition to my regular poses I also used ones by Poseur.

Also on a completely different note, I had the pleasure and honor of posing for CodeBastard Redgrave for her Boudoir Rouge Collection, you can see it on Flickr HERE but also she has opened up her Code Red Gallery to allow Public Viewing of all the incredible images of Amazing Women of SL that I am so deeply moved to be in the same space with. Hope you can find time to go look in person .

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Poses and Stands (most often used)
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch

My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.