Ravenwears’ Raven Lament needs your HELP!

A long time ago I interviewed Raven on Appearance Mode, and it was an insight for me and hopefuly others on what makes her tick.
One of my favourite parts of the interview was her passion about a Charity she has been involved with RL for 9 years, donating hours of her time each week to help animals in desperate need. Raven has in the past made items to fund that help but this time is asking the designers of SL to help her, help them.
****Ravenwear is setting up a charity fashion show auction event for the first weekend in March. We are looking for other designers that would be willing to donate say an unreleased clothing set or prerelease, a new color of an existing outfit, shoes, gowns, hair etc etc so that we can feature it in the show and then auction it off to the highest bidder donating 100% of the money to The K-9 New Life Center Non Profit Tax exempt 501c3 organization. You can learn more about the organization here
In a nutshell they rescue all breeds of dogs have them vet checked and made healthy and find them new homes. This can be very very expensive as some dogs come in with such issues as heartworms which cost almost $1000 to treat. They also neuter or spay all dogs before adoption. They also have taken in some really bad abuse and neglect cases including a dog that was pregnant and placed in a trash bag and thrown into a ditch to die and another dog that was shot and left to die. I am happy to say both dogs were nursed back and found awesome homes including all of the mommy dogs pups. I have personally been involved RL with this charity for almost 9 years and have seen all of the success stories and happy endings. It is an awesome cause and I would love to really try to help them out by using our virtual power!
I will be making a one of a kind outfit as well as some other items to be auctioned off that will be available only at the auction. We are aiming for the beginning of March for the event so we have alot of time to work with. Please feel free to pass this to any other designer friends you might know that might have a warm spot in their hearts for a cold nose!
So far we have such talented creators as Gurl6, Geometrica Designs, Szentasha Designs, .Unpredictable. , Stuff by Riley, Talisman, Malinconia, and of course my label, Ravenwear.
So please contact me, Raven Lament, with any questions or if you want to participate! Thanks again!
I ask that anyone that has time or the inclination to donate items to this event, and if you dont have time to create something completely new, consider diving into your inventories and finding those unfinished items that I know every designer in SL has hiding away in there.
xoxo Sasy xoxo