Inspiring Popfuzz Bamboo, Ookami Ningen & Material Squirrel

Popfuzz Bamboo the designer of Popfuzz Designs, recently took on a huge task to create her own skin line.

Well known for her ability to create clothing in as many colour combinations as possible, she has truly outdone herself this time. 615 skins in one humungous release, there are 7 caucasion tones, 2 Dark, Fae and Gold skins. All have incredible make-up choices and I have only been able to capture a few of them. In the first pic I am wearing Essential Golden in Tan , as soon as I saw this one I knew I had to have it, as we wear so much gold in SL that its so wonderful to have make up to match.

The second picture is the Dark Bronze Future set and this make up is superb, I couldn’t get over how appealing it was to have green lips. The eyes are also stunning and its a nice change to have such bold event style make-up on a beautiful natural skin tone.

The third picture is a lot softer in the lipstick and is the Pale tone in Sparkle set, very similar colours than the other sets but softer where the feature is predominantly the eyes, and some pinker rouge than the other skins, but probably more noticable as it is a pale tone.

Then in the next picture we have the Chocolate Essential skins, the shading around the eyes is just lovely and the tone is a rich mocha blend.
Lastly is the Tan Smokey set and again the eyes are the attraction but who can get past those sensational lips. The mouth on all these is just superb and the facial structure and detailing to the skin over all is wonderful.

If you read nothing else in all my post this is truly important. I was taking pics for todays post and in the middle of it started a conversation with Popfuzz about her skins. I had been trying to head over since the release and been really busy with work etc, so I asked her to send me the DEMOS .

I stopped what I was taking pics of and started trying them on to be suprised that they didn’t look good on me at all. I waited for rez, even rebaked and yet it was just a bit too much face and bits around the nose, what I mean by too much face is that it was like I had no contours to my face at all- this was not saying it didnt look like a really good skin it just wasnt’ME’.

BUT I loved the make up on one in particular, so in keeping with Popfuzzes incredible release offer- I will tell you about that soon- I purchased one, and as it was going to be the right colours for my shoot I put it on without DEMO written all over the face. Then I gasped, the skin I had on now was completely different to the ones I had tried on, and I had tried on at least 8 in different tones and make-ups.
I completely freaked out and ran back to the demo folders and sure enough they now looked completely different too, the skin is incredible. Yes it seems odd that I would proceed with my purchase even though it wasn’t my look, but when you take alot of pictures its more about the make up and from afar in the right theme it would have still been great it just wasnt ‘ME’.

Thing was it was ‘Me’ they are ‘Me’, it was SL being an uber stinker bum, I was really upset also that this must happen to people all the time when choosing skins, SL has one of those days when things look to be rezzed and then suddenly you’re super duper rezzed. So why is this so important ? The reason is that skin buying for many is a big step, it is a financial decision as well as a looks one and there are so many skins out there, more so than when most of us bought our biggest skin purchase, you remember when you went from the one after, the one you got after you were new lol.

So as usual I always say DEMO DEMO DEMO, but today I am going to say, grab as many DEMOS as you can, go home get naked or in a bikini somewhere-take off those damm face lights- and look at the skin from every angle in all sun/moon settings. REBAKE (Ctrl> Alt>R ) and then wait, then don’t do anything for a day. Then next day try them all on again, even ones you thought weren’t ‘You” because SL just may have let you down in that department the day before.

Ok now to the ***VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT***

Until next monday Popfuzz Bamboo is offering everyone to have the oppurtunity to embrace her New Skin-line by letting you pick one skin and contact her to get it at 200L the regular price is 800L so that is a significant saving, this offer is one skin per avatar, so if you have been considering an alt lol now is the time to consider harder *giggles* I so didn’t say that- it makes me laugh when people tell me that they aren’t buying something for them but their alt has it or is going to buy it later today.

The beautiful hair I am wearing in the skin pictures is by Gurl 6 and is called Juliet, I adore this hair so much- I nearly broke a leg trying to get to it when it was released.

Now to share some more absolutely divine items with you. Ookami Ningen owned by Zorena Deckard is a store full of imaginative clothing, in the past I have blogged items from there and usualy there is some significance to her creations, what I have come to realise is that Zorena is very passionate about culture as in the Arts, Music, Literature they all have a place in her creations.

Her latest release started as the Dying Swan and ended up with both Dying Swan and Dancing Swan. I was intrigued by this as I had the pleasure of TP’ing around last week with Zorena and Vivianne while Zorena was in her Dying Swan creation, which was something she was inpired to make for herself and with much prodding decided to release it-thank goodness.

The beautiful creation was inspired by the Ballet Piece the Dying Swan and I did some googling and its a beautiful piece first performed by Anna Pavlova. I also found a YouTube interpretation of it by another ballerina and the sound is awful but you can see how this would inspire 4 such lovely sets by Zorena, and yes due to popular demand already the Nocturne sets have been added.

The first is Dancing Swan, all white corset style top with beautiful feather/fur detailing across the top of the bodice and the incredible upper arms. It just floats as you move its gorgeous. I actualy opted for a different contrast skin for this picture, wearing the wonderful Demoness skins by Teagan Blackthorne of S.Y.D. There are a selection of make up variations and unfortunatly my face pics didnt turn out so I will have to show you those another time, but if deep red skin is your thing then these are the ones to look closer at, the red is so rich its wonderful.

The hair style in this pic and the next is the Mollie Uppy-do by Here Comes Trouble and I love how Babyboo managed to realy twist the front of the hair into the pile of curls at the top, you really need to try on the DEMO to see what I mean. I wanted some pearls and elegant Jewelry to go with this look and I found the lovely Queen of Pearls Platinum set by Becks fine Jewelers in my inventory and it was perfect. Beautiful single strand choker and drop earrings, with bracelet and ring.

The reason I am barefoot in the pics is because I have two kinds of ballet shoes in my inventory, slippers that really didnt work and fetish *grins* and the white Eve boots though they looked fab on, didn’t suit the incredible poses by Gorgeous of Juicy. But I did get the wear my black ones with the Nocturne sets-pokes my tongue out at Whimsy.

This is the Dying Swan set and when Zorena and I were talking I told her I cant do blood lol, well it seems I can if I have fun with it, so searched my inventory and low and behold I actualy own an arrow-would have been more fun had it had a heart attached lol.
But again you see the real attention that Zorena gave creating this set for those that can do one or the other or both :o).

Now on to the Dying and Dancing Swan Nocturne sets and I do so love black ballet outfits, the beauty of both the white and black is so obvious and the pieces are easily convertable, just think about adding your favourite long gown skirt and creating a totaly different gown.

As the Nocturne sets are a bit darker I opted for an old favourite hair wise, also from Gurl 6 called Gail, this is my I’m a rebel hair lol I used to wear this all the time when having one of those ‘I’m Tuff’ days lol.

This is also where the Fetish Ballet shoes came in as they aren’t past the ankles so the poses still worked really well. They are the DXD Ballet Heels from the Dominatrix shop a really beautiful store lol so much so that when looking in search I just wanted to go there because of the pretty picture of the build-it turns out its a Relic prefab so that makes all sorts of sense why it was so breathtaking- but ended up having the exact items I was looking for :oP -pokes it out at Whimsy again.

Dying Swan Nocturne also has the same blood detailing as the white but I did tend to get carried away with the poses and wanted to of course show off the magnificent Carmine wings by Material Squirrel, which ended up being a perfect time to feature items from there as they have UPDATED THEIR WINGS!!

They have done a huge wing hud update and its up to you to go to their blog for all the info you need to get your wings updated to the latest versions, this will be a huge undertaking by Kala Bijoux so be gentle on her but as I and many people I know have wings from her store and are not in the group this is realy vital you know about it, and also the NEW UPDATE version will include an automated update so you never have to do anything again but accept the latest features YAY, how cool is that …MORE INFO HERE.

I hope you found all that I have shown today as Inspiring as I did and here is that clip I promised you, remember the sounds over the top of the music are awful I apologise but you get the general beauty of the piece .

xoxo Sasy xoxo

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Poses and Stands:
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch

My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.