Under the Sea


I issued a Plurk Sunday challenge today, but it doesn’t have to stay confined to plurk. The challenge is that everyone comments on ten blogs, they can be store blogs or fashion blogs, just share a positive thought and spread some joy, as it is always nice to get feedback, and with the many thousands of readers out there, it always amazes me how rare it is to see comments, even if it is just ‘ I love those _____ I am off to shop ‘.

The post today all four looks started with the divine hair from Exile. Kavar Cleanslate is so amazing at offering such a wide range of styles with his hair releases…and these latest ones are just divine, another hat/hair for me to love love love. The first look because of the length and style of the hair under the super cloche hat style, was not so vintage but more modern, which makes for a nice saturday morning brisk weather look,while heading to the local cafe for some breakfast.

The second look is a lot more va va voom, mixing Cynful and Zaara is done twice today, the first with this look has the beertilicious dress with the beautiful distressed shrug. This fluffed out hair is the perfect length to show off how incredible the texture work done by Zaara is. The third hairstyle was very student like, so I went preppy college girl…I know in reality that no college students around here dress like this, but in my mixed reality they do. The skirt was a flf item, but am pretty sure it comes in other colours. The jacket is from the Jane store, which is a new store for creator Janie Marlowe of older Mischief fame…really cute store, and the tank I have on is actually part of a free tank table she has.

The dress on the right is the latest from Zaara, this comes two ways, wrapped with bare skin revealed, or with an underlining colour. For some reason SL ate my underlining version, and while I could have shown the bare, I wanted to experiment with the idea that find the right dress, you can make your own inserts in your own colour choices. Sure enough the Beertilicious from Cynful fit like a dream, and so I wore the light tan colour, which matches the colour of floral print in the crimson dress…YAY.

All of these looks are also showing the latest boots from YS & YS, the creators behind the brand recently took a much needed break and are back and making stuff already. These boots are beautiful, and have a sculpted sock that can be worn with in contrast or not worn at all…there are two tone, and solid versions, in a variety of beautiful colours.

I am also wearing the Amber skin by League, stunning make ups, so many incredible options, cleavage, hair base, freckles. WIth two different packs of make up colours to choose from in wonderful rich tones. Try the demos and I will show more in my next post.

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Picture :

Hair: Violet , Rochelle , Suzy , Tina – Exile

Skin: Amber – League

Clothes: Fallen Plaid Pants – LeLutka

Basic Hoodie – LAQ

Beertilicious Dress – Cynful

Autumn Skirt – So Many Styles

intrinsic tank, Aviator Jacket – Jane

Svara Wrap Dress – Zaara ( WITH BEERTILICIOUS DRESS UNDERNEATH from Cynful )

Shoes/Boots: Tiburon Boots – YS & YS

Crush heels – Orage Creations


Naina distressed shrug *silver* – Zaara

Analyst Glasses – DECO

Daisuki Bag – BareRose

Claire Clutch – LeLutka

Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by : Frooti

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Muddy Waters can’t keep me away


First off friends list, my apologies for the crashity crashes. I really wish Second Life was a little bit more stable the last few days, it has been a bit crazy.Call for Couture starts tomorrow, and there are as I have said so many items that are worth checking out, one of which will be the release of new shoes by Maitreya Gold – not shown here, but I did get a sneak peak of those and the Auction ones and they will not disappoint.

With all that crashing some items did not rez for me well, one of which was the PXL skin that is the pret a porter item for CfC, it is a stunning make up, but every time I crashed I took too long to rerez that I gave up and wore some of the same line with which is comes from.

On the left I am wearing the So Many Styles Pret a Porter set, the Autumn set is a oversized wool sweater with a beautiful cowl neck, the skirt is one prim sculpted and full, making a lovely silhouette that was matched in part by the large hat from LeLutka. It also matched incredibly well to the two tone boots recently released at LeLutka so it was all win and all happy for me.

The look on the right is a mix of G’fields recent, and available at Call for Couture Bolero coat, so stunning and it comes with three length options, this being the short. A little dressier of a look, with the In Hibernation dress by Addict also from Call for Couture – I love seeing Kianna push herself into higher end fashion, so this is a start of more cocktail frocks to see I hope. The combo worked a treat with the Hana shoes from Maitreya Gold, the frills at the back working so well with the ones from the jacket. The whole ensemble creating a backdrop for these insanely beautiful jewelry pieces from Donna Flora, the Mari set is hers for Pret a Porter, and wow just wow, Donna Flora always impresses and the range at CfC and at Jewelry Fair will have you drooling.

If waiting impatiently for Call for Couture, I suggest spending some time at the four Jewelry fair sims until it opens, as well as all of the other events happening this weekend, it sure is a full one.

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Picture :

Hair: Tattoo Base – PXL

Saar – Maitreya

Skin: Candy – PXL

Clothes: Autumn Set – So Many Styles @ Call for Couture

Bolero – G’Field @ Call for Couture

In Hibernation Dress – Addict @ Call for Couture

Shoes/Boots: illied boots – LeLutka

Hana Heels – Maitreya Gold


Bone Bangles – YS & YS

Mari Jewelry set – Donna Flora @ Call for Couture

Lashes, Borghild Hat – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by : Luth Reel Expression

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


I wanna be sedated

Shadow SMS III

Red 1

Wow it seems like ages since I blogged, but only a few days. Through the week we have caught up with so many things, the other day Whimsy, Marni and I went to a Haiku Speed build, Whimsy and I came across this concept a few weeks ago, and it was our first attempt. We had a blast and are hoping to do some more in the future.

If you have been under a rock in the past 24 hours the fact that Elikapeka of ETD is back will be news, with the new name elikatira, and two new styles have been released on the MarketPlace. It baffled me at first when ETD closed, not the closing part, as that was just shocking, but more the part where no one talked about it, or blogged it. I felt that something should be said/acknowledged about such a big deal…but then I realised that it was better to leave things unsaid, because she would be back, and talking about ETD as though truly gone might make that a reality.

For this post I am wearing one of the two new styles, Fresh. Fresh is a modern take on an 80’s look. The sidepony was a huge hair statement back then,.and only really achievable with certain length hair. The hair textures Elikatira have now are just beautiful, soft and pretty, and I for one cannot wait to see the styles that will come forth from this incredible creator. I also hope she makes more accessories and shoes, as that was a definitely growing aspect of her store in the past.

Marni Grut of Royal Blue has been creating up a storm lately, and I was lucky enough to see some of that process this week. It is just amazing from designer to designer how they go about similar things, by that I mean the steps they take to get to a final product. She is incredibly talented with sculpt making and her latest botties are proof of that. They are that perfect base of a boot shape that I love to wear, especially with pants. I don’t know what it is, but there is such a difference between boots and shoes, even when you don’t see the upper. These manage to give you that, without having an upper at all.

Whenever So Many Styles is in FLF I somehow manage to buy more of the store than even wondering about the item, it is the actual event that gets me over there. This time I was truly captivated by the outside of the store, I swear it is a new build, because I do not remember it ever looking like that before, but I could be hallucinating. Either way, I really wanted to shoot a pic outside, and generally I steer clear of location shoots, they annoy me, but that is usually because I want to find one, rather than having already found one.

The interesting thing about the sim SMS is on, is that it is encased in a sphere, so the sky is their own, no windlight no messing, it is easy no matter what settings you use. I logged in an alt to take a pic using Kirsten as you know I play with that viewer from time to time, with not just shadows but the every day. It is easier to have the alt log it in as there is no inventory to load, and the settings to shadows are already there, so it was a point and shoot,  done!  moment.. The pose is actually also from SMS as are the others used, that was a purchase on another flf day that took me there lol.

I adore the tweed corset I have on, it was instant draw, one day I will get the rest of them I think. Beautifully sculpted and a stunning green. The skirt is from Luck Inc and if I have something in fatpacks you will see it more often, being able to just go direct to the item you know you want and grab the colours your thinking of is bliss.

Back to my VR Studio and onto some in sphere shots, changing to a cardigan I have from SMS’s contribution to The Dressing Room in the past, this colour is not in the store, but I did check it does come in others that are, gorgeous colours too, so you wont be disapointed. I love Orange, always have, citrus colours rock my world, the legging also from there come in one great pack. Both items and the addition of another colour of the fab ruffle skirt go so well with the necklace also made by SMS, Irie Campese really does have a creative knack…from clothes to poses to accessories, shifting from one to the other.

I am wearing the beautiful Trinity skin by Redgrave, this is a recent release for Redgrave and the make ups on this tan tone are just stunning. The skin started with the paper tone as far as I can tell, and I am pretty sure that many begged for a more human like tone so they too could look as lovely. I do not know for sure, but from watching how it seemed to evolve it seems as such.

The pouty mouth on this skin is a big draw, if you love a good pout then DEMO DEMO DEMO. The different tones have different make ups, so you may just have to get them all lol.

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Picture :

Hair: Fresh[elikatira] available on Xstreet search Elikapeka Tiramisu

Skin: Trinity – Redgrave


Tweed Corset – SMS (so many styles)

Ruffle Skirt – Luck Inc

Sheer Compliments Socks – Royal Blue


Ruffle Skirt – Luck Inc

Pattern Tights , Basic Cardigan ( special TDR Colour, but is available in store in other great colours) – So Many Styles –

Shoes/Boots: Night Out Botties – Royal Blue 


Lashes – LeLutka

Dream Catcher Bag –

African Necklace – So Many Styles ( SMS )

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by : SMS So Many Styles

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck