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    SL16B – Gifts – Linden Homes – Exhibits



    If I timed this right this post should hit the stands just as Second Lifes Sweet 16th is open to the public. It opens at 10am SLT on the 20th of June 2019 and it is going to be an exciting event. The Hop & Shop as mentioned yesterday has gifts in every booth, and there are a hundred stores as part of this wonderful event. All booths also have discounted items, starting at 20% and going up as high as 75%.

    The clothing and accessories worn in today’s post are all GIFTS at the event. Even my Slink Hourglass Bundle is discounted during the festivities as are the Physique Original Body Bundle and the Physique Male Bundle, the shoes I have on are the Slink gift for women at the event.

    I have included pictures of all the booths, and you can see how amazing this event will be and how much time you will truly need to cover it all.

    Second Life 16th Birthday Hop & Shop Event.gif

    Also part of the SL16B celebrations is the reveal of the new Linden Homes theme. The theme is very different than the builds so far, and for those wanting to not just live somewhere but actually cohabitate these will be so much fun. I am already looking forward to immersing myself in these themes many opportunities for community development and role-playing scenarios. I can also see a full region of pink in the future because nothing will be more fun than getting all the neighbours on board with that idea.

    Second Life 16th Birthday - Linden Homes Theme Reveal.gif

    I ran into Patch Linden while he was going over the showcase area, and he was very pleased with the plans for these and other homes in the future. He also has a Meet & Greet planned for this coming Monday – Calendar of Events – so that he can answer questions about all things Linden Homes related. As this is just a rough layout keep in mind that the Moles are hard at work creating the final layouts of these new areas, and I cannot wait to see them finished. I actually saw the new Taylor Swift video a few hours after running into Patch and laughed hysterically at how just on point the Lindens are.
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dkk9gvTmCXY&w=560&h=315]


    The Sweet 16 inspired theme of the overall event is throughout the many regions dedicated to it, and if you explore the exhibits done by many Second Life Residents it is fun to see their own take on this Retro vibe. Old Movie Theatres, Beach Party scenes and some very big statues, with bubbles and puppies and even a huge hydrant and cuffs dedicated to first responders. Take the time to visit all aspects of this great time of the year.

    Second Life 16th Birthday Welcome area & Exhibits.gif

    One of my favourite sections was the time capsule like build, with all the years’ history of Second Life gathered together. I won’t say I was not disappointed to not see ‘and along came Sasy Scarborough’ in the 2006 section but I did squeal with delight at Hair Fair being mentioned as that was also its very first year.

    Another exciting thing that Patch told me was that the four new avatar looks at the Welcome area on the Pizazz region are for limited SL16B time only, so make sure you grab them as a memento of the visit.

    Then when you zoom over to the Hop & Shop you can start collecting all the gifts and shop like a crazy person like I did, and look as fabulous as I feel right now.

    SL16B  Hop & Shop Gifts 1.jpg

    SL16B Official Shopping Event:

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

    VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

    VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

    VR Foundry Marketplace

    Props, Furniture, Build


    Poses by

    Stardust 50% Off @ SL16B 

    Skin & Body Parts Worn:

    Spencer Mesh Head LeLutka

    Skin Applier Alessa – League

    Slink Hourglass Body Bundle – Dynamic Mesh Hands (Bento Enabled) , Deluxe Feet & Hourglass Physique Body – Slink 20% OFF @ SL16B

    Avatar Enhancement Nail Appliers: set 142 Flair

    Thick & Heavy Lashes (tintable) – Flair

    BubbleGum Lipgloss – AlaskaMetro GIFT @ SL16B


    Angel – Lamb GIFT @ SL16B


    YouthQuake Dress – Fashionably Dead GIFT @ SL16B

    Shoes :

    Lisa Marie Shoes Toast Glitter (Slink High/Deluxe Feet) – Slink GIFT @ SL16B

    Accessories :

    Bangle – Formanails GIFT @ SL16B