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She bangs


Ok first off I am a dork, I managed to somehow hide the fact that the lush red berry top on the left actually has a keyhole cutout at the neckline. So as good as it looks now, it is actually even better.

I got to relog into some great news tonight, and also found Whimsy and Newdoll in world, so it was all win. I love when we can companionably stand on our VR Studios a few metres from eachother and do our stuff, it actually makes blog pic taking so easy, and faster, just because there are no needs for other distractions.

Good timing tonight by Lexi from Stellar, the Skinny Jeans will be released tomorrow and these are fun and totally in keeping with Stellars ongoing tat print looks. You get both tat print and non printed versions, in all layers and with cuffs, but I opted for sliding them inside the provence boots from Mon Tissu. The two incredibly soft and supple tops I am wearing are from Ingenue, a little layed back and casual with jeans, but you can totally dress them up as they have that twinset look going on which I love, especially the grey with the cute buttons down the back.

Lover is a new style by Lamb, it to me being a big fan of the bang styles feels as though it is the big bang bob grown in length lol, which is all win. I am wearing some skins by Mayden Couture called Raiji, they are lovely in the face, the lipstick though for me is a bit caked on, but that could just be more my mouth shape, so Demo Demo Demo.

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Picture :

Hair: Lover – Lamb

Skin: Raija – Mayden Couture

Clothes:  Nicole Top, Sunday Morning Tee– Ingenue

Venice Skinny Jeans – Stellar

Shoes/Boots: Provence Riding Boots – Mon Tissu


Jolie Prim Nails – SLink

Diva Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Argrace

Poses by : Poseur

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Not pants, trouserrrrrrs



When something feels so wrong, it can end up soooo right. I love fate, how a day can be a disaster because people just make you feel all heartbroken and stuff, and the next day starts off golden with new people changing that, and slipping right into the space the others left behind. Mind you I cannot tell a lie, once over the hurdle of destruction that started yesterday, it ended up on a high actually, and I am looking forward to seeing where all the things it brought forth turn into. Face time makes me happy, actually spending time looking at the person I am chatting too, feels so much better than the constant IM’s, it is what made SL so inviting in the first place over other chat programmes and has to happen more often.

One thing that kept happening to me yesterday was admiration for my pants, true story, I was out and about and three times got asked where the different pairs I was wearing came from, sure enough both styles came from Mon Tissu, and were their latest release this week. The twill trousers up the top pic are gorgeous, the fact that they are also called trousers make my heart go pitter patter. The detailing on them is wonderful and the colours they come in are perfect. The sweetheart tank is beautiful with lace trim and such amazing fabric it is like soft velvet, so pretty and perfect to wear with pants or a boho like skirt perhaps.

Have you seen Lou Lou ? well you have now. The jeans in the second pic are called Lou Lou, and if you are old enough you will remember those fragrance commercials too. Great thing about these jeans, again complimented, is that they come with both pants cuffs options, often it  is varying types of straight cuff, like flared or bootfit etc, but in this case you get the rolled or straight and both are excellent, as well as the denim washes chosen, light grey and used were my choices, so nice.

Both looks I finished off from just the tanks underneath, even though the tanks on their own are so cute. The shrug on the left is the latest from Riddle, I love that she has gone into focusing on some seperates lately, and this shrug has such lovely sleeves, making it a little more standout than others. Mayden couture comes out with this amazing racing style jacket, and it comes with a variety of bases, with each collar cuff colour, so neat, and the pink is Yum. I went with the blue though because the make up on the new Tasia skin by UnBra is HOT HOT HOT.

A billion different cleavage options – exaggerating – and brow and hair base choices all come with the abundance of really rich make ups in the UnBra range, I will be showing more of those later. The glorious hair I am wearing is from Clawtooth by Clawtooth, do not despair ladies and lovers of all things hairy and vintagey, the Clawtooth main store has moved to LuLa temporarily until tableau is finished remodelling. I love the straight but so thick locks of both styles, and the bangs are just bonus, either sleek and tucked or thick and bushy, it is all win.

I am using Frooti poses today, and decided to go with the laying down pose up top, I don’t shoot often enough laying or sitting, so gave it a go, and it came out really cool, thanks Frooti.

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Picture :

Hair: Cat Call, Cosmic Love  – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Skin: Tasia tan- UnBra

Clothes: Twill Trousers, Sweetheart Tank , Lou Lou Denim – Mon Tissu

Simple Shrug – Riddle

Madouc Top – SK Designs

RB Tank – Maitreya

Namida Jacket – Mayden Couture

Shoes/Boots: Shearling Boots – Maitreya Gold

Cottage Flats – Mon Tissu


Sinra Short Nails – Mandala

Oversized Shades – Epoque

Diva Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Argrace

Poses by : Frooti

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Rock Star



Sometimes you just have to bring out your inner RockStar. These outfits are way fun in that regard, especially the one on the far right, the Jade set allows for mixing and matching with other items, and what is not to love with the individual pieces of it. I love the jacket and pants, and can totally see using the belt for other looks.

A great pair of heels for this look are the open toed backless ankle boots from Adam n eve, they are called New Yorkers, and I can totally see these babies strutting up 5th. They come with a hud that allows for change of skin tone, also allows for change of nails and the fun beads laced up the back.

With all these looks I couldn’t resist wearing Tokyo, the latest hair release from LeLutka, inspired by it’s namesake and probably way too many hours kicking peoples bums at Tekken , this style is a frenzy of kick bummedness – yes that is a word, coz I say so. IN the 80’s high ponies were the craze, higher the better, it was almost like a free facelift for older women lol. This style is so excellent, very anime runway inspiring, and seeing as I have been watching hundreds of hours of anime lately, I am deeming myself a professional on the matter lol.

The skin I am wearing is Julia, from YS & YS what I really like about the make ups on this skin is that you get matte lips as well as the glossy in most of the make ups, and they are excellent as soptions, you can also actually purchase the lipsticks on their own in matte, as they go with a range of the newer skins. All of the excellent add ons that are so usual with YS & YS freckles layers, cleavage options and hair bases.

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Picture :

Hair: Tokyo – LeLutka

Skin: Julia – YS & YS

Clothes: Anya set , Jade set , Kimy set – Mayden Couture

Shoes/Boots: New Yorkers – Adam n Eve


RockLove Necklace – Ganked

Diva Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by : Glitterati

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck