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    Bring the basics back. When thinking basic T’s, Tanks and Jeans in an abundance of colours, I always think of places like Celestial Studios, LaLa FooFoo and now Jane. Jane is of course a new store name and new store in general to many residents, but the designer behind the brand is Janie Marlowe of a much older brand now run by another person altogether.

    I am so glad that Janie opened Jane, a really nice collection that is growing steadily, and the work on the clothing is wonderful, finishing items so well even when covered by prims, it is a delight to shop there, even more so when you tp in looking in hope that she might have a tshirt in a colour close to what your looking for, and you end up walking away with a pack of 31 for 50L, on all layers. AMAZING DEAL! It is actually called the Layering Tshirt, and it really is perfectly named for just that.

    While taking the pics of the new Baiastice Skin Marina, I stopped in my tracks when I got to this make up, that was it, I was not going to use any other for my main pic, it had to be this one. I was already in the red top as you can see slightly, and it was totally so easy to find the tshirt as stated, one tp and back again, in all of about 40 seconds if that. It was actually the easiest thing in the whole post, as I have been having rezzing and unrezzing issues for weeks now, but finally had to change viewers to stop the insanity, it took me seriously 3 hours to take those pics.

    Well worth it though , if you are a lover of red lipsticks then the Marina skin is a must try for you at Skin Fair. It has an incredible tone range, the pale ones are gorgeous, and the make ups as you can see are very deep and seductive. If you are a Baiastice fan clothing wise, then you will totally enjoy these skins as they are a perfect combo.

    Speaking of perfect combo’s the Fallen Tears necklace is just stunning and coming in both gold or platinum and diamond it has a simplicity that allows it to be worn casually and an elegance that can keep it on for dressier occasions, I don’t know the reason of the name, but for me the design has such a spiritual quality to it, something like being reborn, which I guess often after a big cry is how you can feel. Whatever is going on there it is a Must Have set by MOOD.

    Once upon a time – some of you know this story – there was a girl – in her mid thirties lol – who came across a blog and fell in love. That girl contacted one of the owners of said blog and sent her a big texture begging to be allowed to participate, the texture was because the owner was so slammed with notecards all day that she worried hers would get filed away as she wasn’t new and she didn’t need new people hair lol.

    So the adorable and ever so famous Six Kennedy responded within moments and said YES, then said she was going to contact the other partner of said blog and that is how Sasy met Garbage, who welcomed her with open arms, and an open mind and gave her the keys to the executive blogging room and it has been an incredible ride ever since.

    Garbage Prototype has been around forever and ever and ever, he is so far from random anymore, but still is random by name, store name that is. I went for a visit late last night and probably grabbed a few of everything, the prices are insane. The styles are so very much like Random of old, but brighter and better with the amount of years tucked under his belt, and I for one am in hope that he makes hair again too. The top and the jeans are both from Random, and they are great, easy to wear pieces, the pants don’t have cuffs, but that is fine, because they are finished off well and come on both layers, so if you panic, you can tuck them into boots.

    Don’t forget that the Garden City Relief Event is still on, that Vanity Universe Skin fair only has a few days left, and that Pure Juice is coming…

    Photo background used from Stock Images in Second Life Group



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    Picture :

    Hair: Stylish – Urf Urf

    Skin: Marina – Baiastice @ Skin Fair

    Clothes: Simple Blouse , Dark Blue Brand Jeans – Random

    Layering Tee – Jane

    Corset Panties – Bubble

    Shoes/Boots: Seduction – N-Core


    Fallen Tears – MOOD

    Jolie Prim Nails – SLink

    2011 Curl Lashes – LeLutka

    Eyes by : Ellis – LeLutka

    Poses by : Glitterati

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

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    Gingerbread Kisses and Candy Cane licks


    New New Newness. New shoes are always fabulous, and even better when it is new boots.

    I was so excited to find out that J’s has released a brand new boot style, very nordic with the fabulous knit socks, but it is the clog style boots that are just divine. Perfect leather, and wonderful leather colours as usual. there is a non knit option in the scripted menu, which means if the nordic socks aren’t your thing, then you can wear your own, or without.

    Still doing that mix of looks, what with it being hot down here, and all the clothing being released is for colder weather, but luckily there are still adorable little skirts that have been created in heavier fabrics, but short in length enough to still show off the gams. I love these porcelain skirts, so sexy and cute, yay fishy strawberry. I am wearing the Jane aviator jacket again, but this time without the lower sculpted portion, because the finish to this jacket is superb, like woah, so it is totally a jacket on its own. The L’opera bodysuit is a must have item, also from Fishy Strawberry, plunging back, high front with shoulder pads to boot.

    I am wearing another of the latest YS & YS Skins, this time Regina, and I opted for a freckles tattoo from one of the other skins, that actually works so well no matter the tone. Great idea to copy and paste all your tattoo layers that come with other skins, and bundle them all into one, spend some time playing around with them and see if they are interchangable and then folder them into ones that are, and ones that aren’t. Much easier than having to find them when you think of them.

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    Picture :

    Hair: Honey – Lamb

    Skin: Regina – YS & YS + Tat freckles

    Clothes: Porcelain Ruffled Skirt, L’Opera Bodysuit – Fishy Strawberry

    Capped Sleeve Tshirt – Stellar

    Gartered Socks – League

    Aviator Jacket – JANE

    Travelers Tank – Fri.day

    Shoes/Boots: Sabo Boots – J’s 


    Earmuffs – Artilleri

    Sheepskin Gloves – League

    Pratha Silver Cuffs – Zaara

    Diva Lashes – LeLutka

    Eyes by : Fusemelon

    Poses by : Marukin

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

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    Under the Sea


    I issued a Plurk Sunday challenge today, but it doesn’t have to stay confined to plurk. The challenge is that everyone comments on ten blogs, they can be store blogs or fashion blogs, just share a positive thought and spread some joy, as it is always nice to get feedback, and with the many thousands of readers out there, it always amazes me how rare it is to see comments, even if it is just ‘ I love those _____ I am off to shop ‘.

    The post today all four looks started with the divine hair from Exile. Kavar Cleanslate is so amazing at offering such a wide range of styles with his hair releases…and these latest ones are just divine, another hat/hair for me to love love love. The first look because of the length and style of the hair under the super cloche hat style, was not so vintage but more modern, which makes for a nice saturday morning brisk weather look,while heading to the local cafe for some breakfast.

    The second look is a lot more va va voom, mixing Cynful and Zaara is done twice today, the first with this look has the beertilicious dress with the beautiful distressed shrug. This fluffed out hair is the perfect length to show off how incredible the texture work done by Zaara is. The third hairstyle was very student like, so I went preppy college girl…I know in reality that no college students around here dress like this, but in my mixed reality they do. The skirt was a flf item, but am pretty sure it comes in other colours. The jacket is from the Jane store, which is a new store for creator Janie Marlowe of older Mischief fame…really cute store, and the tank I have on is actually part of a free tank table she has.

    The dress on the right is the latest from Zaara, this comes two ways, wrapped with bare skin revealed, or with an underlining colour. For some reason SL ate my underlining version, and while I could have shown the bare, I wanted to experiment with the idea that find the right dress, you can make your own inserts in your own colour choices. Sure enough the Beertilicious from Cynful fit like a dream, and so I wore the light tan colour, which matches the colour of floral print in the crimson dress…YAY.

    All of these looks are also showing the latest boots from YS & YS, the creators behind the brand recently took a much needed break and are back and making stuff already. These boots are beautiful, and have a sculpted sock that can be worn with in contrast or not worn at all…there are two tone, and solid versions, in a variety of beautiful colours.

    I am also wearing the Amber skin by League, stunning make ups, so many incredible options, cleavage, hair base, freckles. WIth two different packs of make up colours to choose from in wonderful rich tones. Try the demos and I will show more in my next post.

    Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

    Picture :

    Hair: Violet , Rochelle , Suzy , Tina – Exile

    Skin: Amber – League

    Clothes: Fallen Plaid Pants – LeLutka

    Basic Hoodie – LAQ

    Beertilicious Dress – Cynful

    Autumn Skirt – So Many Styles

    intrinsic tank, Aviator Jacket – Jane

    Svara Wrap Dress – Zaara ( WITH BEERTILICIOUS DRESS UNDERNEATH from Cynful )

    Shoes/Boots: Tiburon Boots – YS & YS

    Crush heels – Orage Creations


    Naina distressed shrug *silver* – Zaara

    Analyst Glasses – DECO

    Daisuki Bag – BareRose

    Claire Clutch – LeLutka

    Lashes – LeLutka

    Eyes by : Fusemelon

    Poses by : Frooti

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck