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    So many incredible footwear releases this week, starting of course with the much anticipated Elite & English boots by Royal Blue. If you are a follower of Royal Blue you will remember that Marni Grut has been spending the last few years as both designer for her own brand as well as LeLutka.

    Definitely sharing with us her UK origins with these incredibly authentic looking Riding Boots, you will not be left out in the cold stuck in a bog as long as you have a pair or three of these handy. Not only for women these are adjustable with ease for the horse breeding men folk too. I adore the colours they have been released in, and if we are lucky and everyone buys them all, maybe she may consider some more.

    They look fabulous with the min nutary pants without the bloomer attachment portions, but also with these new released harem style pants from Fishy Strawberry, how cool are they, while they don’t have the proper lower portions on at the moment due to the boots, take my word for it they are fabulous. Coats and Shrugs, you can’t go past the last release of LeLutka without drooling over something or other, but the bolero shrugs in faux fur had me at rawrrrrrrrr.

    Kit is the new face coming to LeLutka in the next day or so, and the all in one pack is just perfect. Eight skins that are base and 7 make ups with the gorgeous dark hair base option for all, my fav feature on top of all that is the NEW curl lashes that will have you begging for more – and believe me there will be more – but these that are now the come with skins packs curl lashes, are to die for. Sculpted lashes four lashes to a prim are so incredibly easy to fit, and colour change options at the click of a button, but seriously OMG the fit and look of these is remarkable, you will never take them off.

    Dita Tran of Fashion Emergency and the famous former Model of some of the biggest agencies in SL has just opened her Jewelry store Fulo, her first release includes the statement earrings I am wearing now, bigger than texas these earrings are just YUM.

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    Picture :

    Hair: Tasha – Amacci

    Skin: Kit – LeLutka

    Clothes: Sierra Coat, Minnutary Pants, IRINUSHKA bolero – LeLutka

    RB Tank – Maitreya

    Yo Bra – Royal Blue

    Via Margutta Pleated Pants – Fishy Strawberry

    Shoes/Boots: Elite & English Boots – Royal Blue 


    Statement Earrings – Fulo

    Sculpted Curl Lashes – LeLutka

    Eyes by : LeLutka

    Poses by : Exposeur

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

  • Stylish

    A pirate life for me


    Like anyone I love a great deal on incredible clothing, and this one was certainly a surprise. Not a day deal or a hunt, not involved with anything else but withing their own store. Ok maybe a little bit of a hunt in the fact that the colours are spread within the store in such a way that you cannot help but admire all the glorious clothes you have most likely admired for years. I ended up walking out of there not only with 4 different colours at an incredible price each, but also another dress I had coveted forever, so it may have not ended up costing me so little, but it got me there and I loved it.

    The outfit is the Lacey Lace mini dress, which is more of a two piece than a whole dress, but the style of this is so cool it can go from work to play so easily, and in the white and lighter brighter colours to choose from, can easily be considers resort date wear. Nicky Ree fans will already know that for the rest of January the set is 50L and there are so many colours to choose from. Large black boxes with red ribbons all throughout the store, and seriously it was fun tracking down the many colours and admiring everything in there. The skirt comes in either system or micro, and it is such a lovely mix and match item.

    Adding the pashmina belt from Veschi that I tinted red, and some Jewelry, I was all gypsy lovin or about to join the Pirate King, in the new scarab hair from LeLutka, also new in the hair department is Charlize the banana bun as Thora calls it. A stylish updo for work professionalism or formal affairs, and by affairs I don’t mean being naughty, or you might mess up your hair. I am watching reruns of Dawsons Creek and it is up to that part where he finds out his Mum is cheating …dun dun dunnnn, seriously though as much as his parents were hot for eachother , the dad is smkin hot and the mum whatever.

    The earrings I am wearing are the incredibly stunning Statement earrings from FuLo who will be opening a main store soon, cannot wait these are HOT. More of the beautiful Tasia skins make ups, so many to choose from and again all those different cleavage options, hair bases, and bonus lipsticks on tattoo layers…so much to love.

    Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

    Picture :

    Hair: Scarab , Charlize – LeLutka

    Skin: Tasia tan – UnBra

    Clothes: Twill Pants – Mon Tissu

    Lacey Lace Mini Dress  Top – Designing Nicky Ree

    Shoes/Boots: Saffron Pumps, Pow Pumps – LeLutka 


    Statement Earrings – FuLo  ( Coming SOON )

    Ethnic Bangle – [mixxES]

    Pashmina Belt ( TINTED) – Veschi

    Sinra Nails – Mandala

    Diva Lashes – LeLutka

    Eyes by : Argrace

    Poses by : Frooti

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck