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    When you’re hot you’re hot


    A quickie , which can either mean I type not much at all, or I ramble on and on about so much stuff, that the post ends up longer than my usual ones. So let’s not, and say that we did. I actually shot this picture last week, and I really liked the pearlised look of it. I also watched that project runway show for the first time, so I am thinking this would have been a sure win for the ex Mrs Stamos to pregnancy around in, if it was an RL item of course…seriously someone needs to work out a way to do that show in Second Life.

    I’m a bit la la la la, not having slept at all yet, and its going into another day entirely…5 hours in about 30+ hours isn’t good..but I had fun, sort of revamping my blog.

    Totally glad Chloris Hathor has brought back VG . I paired up the dress from there, with incredibly matching shoes from Adam n Eve, I am actually really impressed with the match, as these shoes are such a rare colour. The fabric to the babydoll formal is really lovely, kind of a raw silk , giving it body and weight, but a beautiful silky sheen all at the same time.

    To keep in with the gold and pearly look, I opted for the hand jewelry from Zaara’s , the pieces of the Nizam  & Haath Panja set are just stunning traditional pieces brought to SL for us to relish. The overall style of the semi formal/cocktail look is finished up perfectly with this backcombed and ribboned hair by Diversity. All wrapped around the Cleo by Dutch Touch.
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    Picture :

    Hair: Daphne – Diversity

    Skin: Cleo – Dutch Touch

    Clothes: Halcyon Dress – VG Republic

    Shoes/Boots: Miranda Heels – Adam n Eve

    Accessories: Nizam Bangles & Haath Panja hand jewels – Zaara’s

    Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon COMING SOON (someone kick Aems in the bum please)

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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