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    Fake and then some

    Another big thanks to Willow.Z for blogging some items from a new to me store. I caught a pic on her flickr, and just had to go and investigate, not only did I buy everything from the one store, but also the two others in the same sim, by the same talented creators.
    Again I wanted to show the versatility of items that aren’t created for everyday wear as such, but more for the lifestyle or RP side of things.
    This top is a Camisk style, in a beautiful semi sheer fabric, semi sheer is why you don’t get a full frontal :P. Wearing it with some lovely forest green shorts , and the recent release of the J’s Ankle boots SQUARE TOE , wooohooo, they were so hot in rounded, but the square are just divine, and the buckle on the sides just enhances the love. They have the same beautiful colours as the previous boots, and with the two heels options as well in the menu driven script. I love the stiletto heels with these boots, but depending on terrain the thicker heel is a blessing to have as an option, and genius to have it built in.
    The Taffy is a sexy mini Camisk style dress, but it is so playfully cute, that it can be worn on it’s own for the risque, or over trousers such as the fab ones from Fri.day I couldn’t resist. I really love the style of this dress/camisk, as it gives off the illusion of being bound in by an extra layer , it is all one piece, but I would love it if the yellow portion was a seperate layer, imagine that option in a bazillion prints and solids, oh the looks YUM.
    This dress is of course full Gorean garb and so incredibly beautiful, I couldn’t resist. I really like the shape of the cloak and veil, they fit perfectly and the lines and shape of the dress is wonderful. I was really impressed also that because the empire portion is attached to the long skirt, it has an inbuilt animation so that you do not end up looking peculiar with your own AO , as well as instructions on how to alter that if needed. Then once done with the gown, I took off the extra’s and added the same pants in another colour and voila, a really fun daytime look. The colour is gorgeous and I really love the billowy look sleeves and witch like collar, ok I have no idea what it’s real name is, but it so reminds me of Samantha’s cousin in Bewitched.
    The Comfy set is just that, so many different RP options for this full dress, I was watching anne of green gables tonight, and it would even fit into that style too. But it was of course that incredibly scrumptious looking cardigan over the top that won me. Not only does it come in this lovely soft tan, but I got four different colours in one, seriously for the price it is a steal. Wearing the cardigan with the pants that actually grabbed my attention in the first place, these are the Meow pants from FAKE, a new to me store that is I believe a new collaberation of the creators behind Fantasia and Elements, the two stores who’s items I am also featuring today.

    Elements and Fantasia are of course the more lifestyle and RP side of things, and FAKE is the more modern look….all three incredible stores are on the same sim, and it is just pure luck that traveling up a beautiful path I found the other two. I should thank Whimsy for her crashing and me just wandering around waiting for her return.
    WOWZA , It was instant love for the Salute Jumper also from FAKE, as soon as I had it in my mitts I was wearing it. This whole rockabilly style that is usually definitely male orientated has come out as a fantastic look for women. I think I forced Whimsy to get one too, she got a different colour, I can so imagine us strutting down a road doing a Reservoir Dogs kind of thing. I added the circle cut out socks by Kookie that I totally forgot I bought ages ago, so was super excited to find them, and that there was a great red pair in the pack. I don’t know if you can see it clearly, but I have on a cherry flavoured bling pop ring, this is from FAKE too, and comes with lots of flavours, I kind of couldn’t resist.
    This next combo is the one that grabbed my attention first at Fantasia, I actually spent the whole day in this yesterday in different combination’s. First off the full set, then changed the pants to the BF jeans from Maitreya , then settled into this other mix with the red Fakies from Fake, and the addition of the strapless bra from Popfuzz. I do wish that the corset top was a tad higher, so that I didn’t have to add a seperate layer, but the red of the bra worked well, so I’m not too unhappy about it, and I love love love it as a top.

    Also I am wearing the fabulous Carina skins from LAQ, to me Carina is a natural progression from the Tasha skins, similar features, and beautiful detailing, I really love the soft lift to the mouth, and the full of expression eyes.  This skin also comes with the hair base option, so for those like me that bought the hair base hairstyles a few months ago, you now have another beautiful GLOW skin to wear with them. Today the release of also Cleavage Enhancers for the GLOW range, it comes on three layers, and is just WOWZA. As you will see in these next few pics, it is definitely an enhancement, it will only work with the LAQ Glow skins, but if you check the fat pack prices of those you will find them an incredible bargain.
    Speaking of hair, I am actually wearing Zero Style hair today. I went and grabbed both the long and the shorter style yesterday and have been back and forth’ing on all three all day and night, I love the longer styles of Camille and Shirley, with the shorter Enrica being so sleek and elegant. The braids style is Dorotea, which is just an adorable style as well.

    These two tops/camisks are from Elements, and the first two I saw and had to have. For some reason they remind me of vintage star trek, I am not a Treky, but that was my era, so I did actually watch every week, and the women of the different planets always had such beautiful clothes like these. The top of the left as you can see sort of on the far right, is as plunging at the front as the back , but it also has those nipple highlights I’m not a huge fan of in public, mind you I think if I am going to wear such plungey clothing I can get over it :P.

    The skirt I am wearing is from Popfuzz, it’s the belted mini and these come in so handy for finishing off a look.
    Holy smokes, this is again a Gorean style thingymajig, ok I am not sure if it’s a camisk as it has the prim part, but whichever it is, I had to have it because of the top :P. The choices of fabrics on all the clothing, from both the Fantasia and Elements stores are just beautiful and rich, the gold on red in this combo is beautiful and teamed up with some charcoal, it is divine. Mind you I don’t know how anyone will be able to tell what colour you have on with the top, if you wear the same skin and enhancements.
    Lastly in another beautiful rich red, the Turian tied camisk is a perfectly gorgeous option for swimwear. Or at the very least, laying by the pool wear. As you can see the rest of the Carina body is really well detailed, and the skin tones are lovely, this being the nougat.

    I could have spent a lot more at all three stores, and I do hope that both creators get to making me more temptations. Such a fantastic load of talent on one beautiful sim.

    Click HERE to TP to the stores shown. or HERE to return to Sasypants.com.

    Picture :

    Hair: Camille, Shirley , Dorotea, Enrica – 0 Style (Zero Style)

    Skin: Carina GLOW – LAQ   (enhancer sold seperately)

    Clothes: Layered Black, Comfort Set, Sabi Dress, Taffy – Fantasia

    Fakies (Red), Meow Pants, Salute Jumper – FAKE

    Akila, Ayaka, Honey, Turian – Elements

    Safari Shorts, Trousers in various colours – Fri.Day

    Strapless Bra, Belted Mini Skirt – Popfuzz

    Shoes/Boots: Ankle Boots Square Toe – J’s

    Accessories: Bamboo/Jade Set , Hair Roses – Essentia

    THEMISTO -choker – P/a

    Cubeness Bangle Triple Silver – AC (Aphrodite Creations )

    Bling Pop Cherry Ring – FAKE

    Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon COMING SOON

    Poses/Animations: Long Awkward Pose

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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