Everything is Rosie

Everything is Rosie

Bakes on Mesh is still scary to some, or confusing, I myself am confused by how it is, but it is, and I hate that people miss out on such amazing things because of that fear of the unknown. The confusion I often encounter, is that because it was named something other than what it is, people think it is something new to them, when in fact it is how everyone for the most part started their Second Lives in the first place. Bakes on Mesh (BOM) is system layers, that is it, pure and simple. It is the same icons we used before we had mesh bodies and appliers became a thing. We are now almost five years into it, but I still randomly see comments of people that are older than mesh, saying they will never use it. One of the reasons that I mention this, other than to start a narrative – oh how I miss the days when people used to engage with Blogs and Bloggers – is because not only am I probably BOM’s biggest fan, but also because of things that people may not think of when using it.

People that do use it, have possibly heard of the stacking of layers, that when you wear bom layers you need to sometimes make sure that the layers are in the correct order so that each component is visible, such as you cannot wear eyebrows before you wear a skins face (tattoo layer) or the brows will sit under the skin, and you will look way too editorial.

But it is that stacking that makes me blissfully happy, because as I do believe I have mentioned in the past, I stack multiple versions of the SAME items. Have a bra or tank top that you want to wear under something but it is sheer, right click copy and then paste and then wear as many versions of the same thing until it is no longer sheer. Have a blush that is just not giving you enough ooomph, do not go looking for another blush, copy, paste and stack multiple until it gives you more – now this may not always work, it is going to depend greatly on how the item is made, but for the most part it does work. Such as my eyeshadow today, I have 3 layers of it on, because it had blended a little too much into my face with the lighting I was using, and the foil freckles the same thing, they were not popping enough for my pic, but stacking multiple of them gave me the outcome I wanted. This may not work with everything, but the next time you find that you feel a little underwhelmed by the outcome of the BOM item that you really want to use, give it a try, right click copy then paste then add. We could never do that with appliers and you have 60+layers to play with, so go wild!

Another highlight to my day/look today, is when different brands do such a similar colour palette and then also fit against each other so well. This top is from Rowne and the bloomers that had me logging in and racing to get are from Tres Blah. I was ecstatic to find out that the plunging V base of the top fit perfectly over the waistband of the bloomers. Then to have only a few colours of the top, but the fatpack of the bloomers, meant that I had a bit of wiggle room with the colours, and this combination was perfection. I love this combination, and can see myself bloomering all over Second Life like this. I love that they are ruffled and so feminine but have this knit look to them, that works so well with the top that is also a wool heavier mix look. Perfection for my Winter down here rebellion.

I ran over to Lamb to see what I could put together hair wise for this look, originally I had planned to do a more lady like updo look, then thought something wavy midlength and wild…then across the room, in the older styles I saw Zelda II. Now if you were not around when this style was released, you missed what we would consider a broke the grid moment…the majority of the grid was wearing this hair for weeks. I did not have the II version, I had the original version, so I was delighted to see that there was a rose gold metal option on the HUD, so I grabbed the pastels pack, because it was definitely a whole vibe, and back to the studio I went.

Once I had the whole look together, I was wondering, does it need a little something more…I found this lovely choker in my inventory that delightfully is MOD, and a few tints and everything was Rosie!


Equipment Used

VR Studio and HUD/Library  – VR Foundry Marketplace

LeLutka Axis HUD Face – LeLutka

Poses & Props by :

Behaviour Body

Body Parts

Body :

Reborn – EBody


DollNose, NaturalPiercedLips, RoundEyes, TriangleHead, Genus Morph – Genus

Nail Polish:

appliers – Flair – Marketplace

Skin Worn:

Emma – Nuve

Sienna Tone – Velour

Head and Body BOM Layers:

Noah Brows – Nuve

Rose Gold Lipstick, Frosting Eyeshadow, Foil Freckles – AlaskaMetro


Bloomers – Tres Blah

Lys Puff Top – Rowne

Hair Worn:

Zelda II – Lamb


Vintage Romance Choker – Enfant Terrible

Hoops forever earrings reboot – Dark Mouse

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