The Vault – The Sounds of the City

The Vault - The sound of the city

I am still living in my Winter nod mode, because while it is sunny outside today, it is still really cold down here. I found these delightful knitted and well padded earmuffs by Pare that were a whole vibe of the opposite of wanting to hear things and instead feeling like you could just tune it all out, and sometimes that is exactly what you want to do. So I put together this going to the street markets kind of look, and pinned back my hair and off I go. Again another great Lamb style that has a pinned back section that gives realism to the earmuffs being worn. I really like being able to believe that feeling of the look.

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Equipment Used

EEP setting – JuicyBomb

VR Studio and HUD/Library  – VR Foundry Marketplace

LeLutka Axis HUD Face – LeLutka

Poses & Props by :

Behaviour Body

Body Parts

Body :

Reborn – EBody


DollNose, BabyLips, RoundEyes, TriangleHead, Genus Morph – Genus

Nail Polish:

appliers – Flair – Marketplace

Skin Worn:

Emma – Nuve

Sienna Tone – Velour

Head and Body BOM Layers:

Noah Brows – Nuve

Mesh Worn:

Sega Long Sleeve, Semi Denim Baggy Jeans – PARE

Judy Wedge Mules – Scum Babes @ The Vault 2024

Hair Worn:

Lover –  Lamb


Dane Anime Muffies – PARE

Bally Bag – David Heather