Hair Fair 2023 – Happy Bandana Day

Happy Bandana Day

It is that time of year again, the last day of Hair Fair where traditionally it becomes Bandana Day. It still makes me so happy that the bandana booth always raises a considerable amount for Wigs for Kids and that people still contribute by making bandanas, decorating bandanas and purchasing those and the Hares from the bandana booths. This year I even saw people wearing previous years bandanas while shopping the event to bring down their avatar LOD while shopping, to help prevent lag, which many used to do back in the day, we have pictures somewhere.

This year when setting up the booth I realised, with a loud gasp that I had not done a greyscale version of either a bandana or the hair wraps, and as an often black wearing person, this was mind boggling to me, but I did understand that I try and make sure that with the wraps there is a lot of colour and vibrancy if possible, but black and white or grey just left my brain. So was delighted when I saw the ones that Augenweide donated to the event, it was just perfect for me, as well as all the others that I purchased of course. So today I am wearing that, and you can still get yours for 50L at Hair Fair until midnight tonight. The Hair Fair Hares are 150L and 100% of the proceeds from anything in the bandana booths is donated to Wigs for Kids. So thank you to everyone that added to and bought from, again you are a great part of the event.

All Bandanas, Hair Wraps and Hares are sold Mod, Transfer, so you can gift them to others, and they are all retired after the year they appear, so that they are collectibles for each year.

Hair Fair Bandana Booth (one of but starts a region, so good place to start)