Second Life – Sweet Sixteen – Shopping Event and More


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Sixteen years and counting. With still so many familiar faces sharing the experience, Second Life is an incredible creation. While it has its ups and downs nothing will ever replace the absolute joy this virtual world has given to millions over the years.

On any given day you will find people sharing this grid with friends and family, meeting new people and discovering new things. I have never experienced anything as complex and as equally charming as Second Life and its people.

I myself, and hundreds of people I know and have known throughout the years often came into Second Life as just something to do, and they stayed acquiring knowledge and skills they could never have imagined. While just the shopping and existing curve are quite steep in SL, it is the creative side of things that just unlocks the doors into so many opportunities to advance. I for one – as novice as I am on most fronts – am just so very grateful to this platform for giving to me and to others such a valuable gift.

The Birthday Celebrations start on the 20th of June at 10am, and you will not want to miss out. Not only are there displays and experiences throughout the regions, but there is also a sneak peek of the newer Linden Homes soon to be launched. A great sounding Music Faire and some chances to meet some Lindens with some Town Hall meetings scheduled.

One of the large events is the Hop & Shop event that comprises of 100 stores with amazing discounts on all items included in their booth, and the booths are huge. The discounts start at 20% and I even saw a 75% sign. On top of the discounts, every store also has a gift item/s out for the taking and the few that showed the gifts, let me just say you will be needing to ice your mouse clicking finger after repetitive let me into the regions clicking. Do not despair though, they have made sure that there are plenty of regions allocated to the event, as well as camming regions on the ends. It is very well spaced out and easy to navigate, however, pack yourself a lunch and some snacks, and keep hydrated, you will be in for the long haul.

There are many familiar stores, and some even new to me, which is unusual, so I am very excited overall for this event, the layout is like a super mall, and it really did make me miss malls of the past, going to one region and having multiple stores to explore, even if then teleporting to their main.

I suggest derending all the people or setting to friends only which you can do in your menus. Turn down your draw distance as low as needed, but maybe at least 72 as 34 may be a bit short for such a big event.  I do my usual thing and keep the stores to my left side and just keep going, that way you are sure to hit all of them. Whimsy is more of a zig-zag lady.

You have until the 8th of July but do not forget to visit or at least space it out if you do not do everything at once, and trust me the discounts are epic.

I will be adding pictures once the event is live, as well as some images of new Linden Homes and some of the wonderful displays done by Residents at the celebrations, you will need to open up your next few weeks to get it all in, but so worth it.

– SL16B Open to the Public: 10am (SLT) June 20th – July 8th, 2019
– SL16B Shopping & Gift Event: June 20th – July 8th, 2019
– SL16B Music Faire: June 21st – June 22nd, 2019
– Meet the Lindens: June 24th – June 27th, 2019 – 2pm (PDT)

Calendar of Events

SL16B Official Shopping Event:

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SL16B Landing & Info Page
SL16B Destination Guide
SL16B Music Faire Lineup & Schedule
Meet the Lindens Schedule 
SL16B Official Shopping Event – 5 regions and 100 creators (all booths have Gifts some more than one)
SL16B Community Experiences to Explore
SL16B Swaginator Gift Hunt

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