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What a day today was, so much disappointment due to mishandling of Charity raised funds, and a whole lot of incredible content creators finding out that what they had worked very hard to be part of was not what they thought it was. I really do wish that Linden Labs would work out a way to process all money raised at such events, providing an avatar that donations are directed to, with explicit instructions from the organisers of what Charity the funds are to be donated to at the end. I have understood in the past that it would mean having to pay someone to do all of that, but I thought about it, and decided that is not necessarily the case. If hundreds of SL Residents are willing to donate their time and content to a cause, I cannot see why there wouldn’t be like minded Linden Lab employees willing to donate a few hours a week to help with these things.

I also know that as much as we do a lot of fundraising in Second Life, it is rare that events are stacked on top of each other in such a way that it would be lots of work all the time. The Lindens would notify the organiser in advance of which account to script the donations to, and once the event is over the total is declared and the amount is sent to the correct charity, with it being a donation from Second Life Residents. Then LL could forward a receipt or the organisers could have the charity clued in that when they do recieve from LL they know to forward the receipt to the organisers as well. I know I myself as one of the organisers of Hair Fair, would have no issues with them also keeping the fee that would be charged to a residents account to cash out.

Anyway, the matter was somewhat sorted earlier today, and now Evelyn Hartshon is taking care of matters, and assures everyone that the donations made so far and any additional ones will go to the correct place as promised. Also last I heard SeraphimSL was letting all the participants instead set up their vendors at their sim, so check with them for more info on that.

Onto the fashion. I am wearing these great skully emblazoned long tanks from Acid & Mala, I really like that store, and especially their penchant for great shorty dresses. Lately I have been loving their lipsticks and teeth, they do great packs with different transparencies of each colour, and with or without teeth, I am wearing the teeth only in the middle pic, but you will see more of them later I promise. Also as promised I finally took the make up shots of the Party Girl skins, wearing them in a few posts was just slack of me. The make ups are great in variety, from soft to bold, and of course the much adored pures. Really lovely dark brows on these, and of course that killer body. So be sure to demo demo demo if you haven’t already.

All of the hair I have on is from Wasabi Pills, the two longer styles are MESH and a delight to wear. It is so nice taking pics with mesh hair, as it doesn’t stick through the body, but I do love hair, so all hair is most excellent. The styles are really nice, and pretty, I think that Wasabi Pills really does do pretty hair, and the texture names make me giggle.

The Slink thigh highs had to make a cameo appearance today, because they were just perfect for this dress, and also because they rock the kasbah. If you do not own these boots yet, you really need to embrace the mesh, if you didn’t use mesh yet when they were released it is time to go back and try them now, because they are so sexy, but also the way boots should want to be when they grow up.

The items I have on over the dresses are from SHI, these are pieces from sets, and are nice as mix and match items, so check those out. I do hope that SHI plans on doing seperates next season though, these full sets can be limiting for some, but definitely vision inspired.

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Poses by : Behavior Body

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Party Girl – Curio

Nature Teeth Tattoo layer – Acid & Mala 


Clementine, Amandine, Taleen – Wasabi Pills 


Skull Tattoo Long Tank – Acid & Mala 

Black Leather Jacket, White Shirt, Harness (parts of sets) – Shi 


Tall Leather Thigh High Boots MESH – SLink


Nails – Mandala 

Bravo Diamond Cuff, Earrings – MOOD