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Sing it Whimsy


I was chatting with Whimsy about Aussie v’s US teen shows last night. Growing up watching as much American TV as I could, with all of the fabulous UK shows mixed in, it is so obvious that there is some kind of gloss that deservedly belongs to US TV. I was comparing teen sex for instance, in Australian shows, it is rare for a couple of teens to just have at it, usually the build up can take months of debate and drama filled angst, that parents have enough time to make sure their kids never see the result, if in fact it does even happen, and you would probably never see anything more than them fumbling around. In US Shows that are geared towards teens – and no this isn’t a bash or me saying they are all like that – there is more of a lets do it, and there they go lol.

I remembered one such Aussie movie though that went all out, and that was the infamous Puberty Blues, so I went to Youtube in hopes of a snippet and somehow managed to watch the whole thing with Whimsy lol. Oh My Goodness what a crazy movie. Aussie’s everywhere probably just groaned remembering some of the worst scenes. Anyway, as nuts as the movie is, Whimsy was really surprised at how busy our beaches were, and what better way to celebrate that fact than to do a post on beachwear today.

Especially with the timing of the latest releases from Sand Shack Surf. The cafe shorts with their slit and rounded sides are pure 70’s – 80’s flashback shorts, and the colour range in those is brill, I especially love the faded navy, as only lots of sun can do, that and keeping them on the clothesline longer than they should be…I ruined so much black that way as a teen lol. Feeling all girly girl, the New skirts are divine, highwaisted and so pretty, they also come in oodles of gorgeous colours, and i love how well they work with the new tanks.

I not only love the skirts but also the highwaisted underpanty shorty thingamajiggers underneath. It looks so cool how it is finished off, and the type of fabric used, that I would totally wear them on their own with a cute belt and top as shown. So that is way more bang for your buck when buying the skirts. Another great bargain are the shoelace sandals, these come with not only sole options, but laces too with so many colours to choose, so mixing and matching with your outfits is never an issue.

I am wearing the latest hair from which is actually on sale until the 12th, it is so nice when people release during a big sale, so that those that already have everything still benefit from the savings. This hair is just YUM, and even though there are two, I just had to save the second for another post and get as much wear out of this one as I could.

Mmmmmm Hairy Shoulder Pets and Pink Flamingo Balloon Sticks, bliss to be had.

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Picture :


Brande –


Lola – LeLutka


Moana Bikini, Cafe Shorts, Summer Stripes Skirt, Hermana Tanks – Sand Shack Surf


Shoelace Sandals – Sand Shack Surf


Lashes – LeLutka

Backstabber Sunglasses, Darkspring Bracelet– Shade Throne

Brass Rings Leather Belt, VW Thing Sunglasses, Beach Pass Bracelet – Sand Shack Surf

Hair Roses – Essentia

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Body Language SLC

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck