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For the Boys

I was so excited to be able to blog the pieces that I have on today, but it wasn’t until I was up on my VR Studio stand that I realised what it was that made me so fond of the pieces as a whole. If you have never seen the movie For the Boys starring Bette Midler and James Caan you have done yourself a disservice. Not only is it incredibly music and comedy, but an emotional ride over many decades. I myself have seen it probably half a dozen times, and wish now I had a copy on hand, because I would enjoy a good sunday sobfest.

Not only is the title relevant for the looks, but also because most of it is just that, for the boys. All of the clothing except for the obvious lingerie pieces are by Casa Cheerno, a menswear store that I have enjoyed watching ever since they graced us at Hair Fair a while back. Even then trying on all the hair, I just had to find a style that was wearable for girls too.

Well today I am giving the clothing a run around town, and I tell you what you would have to pry the clothing from me if it was RL and some guy wanted his stuff back. The sweaters are just gorgeous, the fabric choice that you know is totally rocking for that kind of overstretched cowl neck look. The pieces are scripted for resizing and a few shrinks and a tiny tweak with the rotate and push down and forward, and I was good to go fit wise.

Now if you had seen me in world yesterday you would have possibly seen me in the black combination, because I was so rocking that all day and night. The Olimpia wide legged pants from LeLutka are so versatile and stylish. I really like how the folded top of them looks to be a part of the sweater itself, for a bit of an extra smoosh.

The hat is adorable, it comes studded or not and again totally rocking out my inner Bette in that, I even went with red hair for that me without thinking. The other accessory of mention is the Sunglasses from Casa Cheerno as well, they have a great shape and come studded or not also, full sculpted and a great overall everyday style, but very sleek and upmarket style wise.

The second look has given me the chance to wear the gorgeous new lingerie as outerwear pieces by Maitreya, released earlier today. It is always way too long between clothing releases from Maitreya, and these would have to be some of the best work Onyx has done IMO they are so beautiful constructed, and so much thought went into the collection as usual, and I know Onyx has wanted some lingerie that you can wear with lots of looks in the store for a long time.

Traveling downwards to the new Allure shoes with Tights also by Maitreya Gold. There are three types you can choose to buy, the bare ones having the beautiful prim feet and toenails to tint with hud etc, or the Allure Socks version which has ankle length socks in an abundance of colours, and then lastly the version I have on with tights, not only stockings but also knee highs which look adorable and I have to control myself from not wearing with everything.

The open toed with socks look is so retro disco diva I just love it. You even get a full leggings version as well, so fun…cannot wait to see what people do with these outfits wise.

Skipping across to my pants, OMG these pants also from Casa Cheerno are just amazing looking. Now I have to tell you the pants aren’t full covering up top, but that is what makes them even hotter, the finish on them is wonderful, they don’t show too much bum cleavage just the right amount. The pinstripe is excellent and faint enough to be stylish and not too patterny looking, but it is the cuffs that are my favourite as one leg has the most gorgeous button detailing you can see in the pics. They even have creases under the bum for a realism you don’t realise you miss until you see it.  I LOVE THESE PANTS.

The hair I am wearing is the second style I mentioned the other day by Tiny Bird, the hair is loosely braided at the back and has a semi french braid without being one, look to it.

No more talking….get thee to the shopping.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Milk Thistle – Tiny Bird

Skin: Elena – LAQ

Clothes: Romeo Sweaters, THE COMMANDER pants – Casa Cheerno

Olimpia Pants – LeLutka

High Waist Pants, Allure Girdle, Allure Stockings – Maitreya

Shoes/Boots: Allure-Tights – Maitreya Gold

Accessories: Byzantine Necklace – Essentia

Jolie Nails – SLink

THE COMMANDER cap/black_silver stars , Manoel Sunglasses – Casa Cheerno

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon


Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

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