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Jailhouse Rock

Locked 2

Being Locked Up this weekend would be a tragedy, with the first ever Pose Fair about to begin, you won’t want to miss out. Maybe being locked up is your thing, and maybe you will wait out the opening weekend munching on easter eggs, but you will definitely make time to visit this wonderful event over the next week for sure.

I think some of these Sasy’s got the Lock Down because of prims, you wouldn’t dare wear that many to such an event, but you do get to strut in all you want after you leave, much more fun in my opinion, it is getting to dress to impress all over again.

The Lockdown cell is a prop with 15 animations in it by Gliteratti, I have two side by side as it was easier to show you more this way, with the use of my VR Studio HUD . The poses for this prop are fun and can really charge up a scene, or be a little more reserved, depending on your mood. I tried to keep in the jail house theme, with black and white, using the strap work from the Lilith sets from Dark Eden and using some Latex outfits as underneath clothing.

The prison guard, or police office technically uniform I have had since I was about a month old lol, I have held onto it that long, and finally it has a place in history, not just my inventory. The only thing I am missing is a baton to clang on the bars, but oh well maybe next time. Make sure you check out the demo version of the Lockdown prop at the Gliteratti booth at the Pose Fair 2010 it has already started and will be worth attending, don’t forget to prim down, or you may end up in Lockdown for real.

Pose Fair 2010

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Picture 1:

Hair: Raider Mohawk, *ELEMENTS* hair – Emotions

Paula – Amacci

Teased Up , Whoop dee doo , The Glow Deux– Lamb

Skin: Misty – League

Clothes: Catsuit – Trilobitware

Latex BodySuit – Gothica

Lilith Straps – Dark Eden

SLPD set (Circa 2006 so good luck) Mischief

Shoes/Boots: Lilith Boots – Dark Eden

Thigh High Boots – J’s

Accessories: Yoke – VR Foundry

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Gliteratti Lockdown

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

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