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Surfs Up

Surfs Up

Last night Whimsy, Gary and me were out at the new build Nemo, if you haven’t been you need to go, it is amazing. While there we met a new resident who told us he was a photographer in RL. We got so excited that this man would go on to find out that Second Life offers so much opportunity for those with a photographic vision. The tools may be completely different, but the photography that comes out of Second Life every day in ALL of its forms, is just amazing.

The reason that we have such an incredible talent pool though, is also a lot to do with the incredible pose makers we have…some started out just making poses that worked for their own pics, and some really wanted to add to the movement of the basic avatar, making dreams come true, and the imagination sparkle.

With Pose Fair just around the corner, one such pose store that definitely sparkles is aDORKable, their talent and just fun personalities makes using their poses so enjoyable. Whether they be fun and themed, such as this fabu surfboard that acts like a multi poseball, or their modeling poses, which the close up of me is a sneak peak at what they are planning to release for the fair. For that pose I of course used my VR Studio a pic takers bestest friend, I love having all my poses organised so effortlessly, just drag and drop into individual libraries, no need to do anything else.

Don’t be jealous either boys, because there is totally a male version of this, which means you and yours can paddle out and take some fab shots…I have only taken a few of the ones in the board so that I wouldn’t spoil the fun. The board is also texture change, and there is a demo at aDORKables main store.

When surf is up, it isn’t a hard leap to Sand Shack Surf, and thankfully not only my board had a purple option – yes still on punishment week, which I am enjoying too much shhh don’t tell Ashia – the bikini had a lovely pink and purple combo, and the hair is just too adorable to not wear as much as possible.

Featuring today also the beautiful Butterfly shades from GOS , not only does he do kick bum boots , but his sunglasses are wicked too. Not only are they so pretty on, but they are scripted to be worn up on the head also, as well as a whole lot of other features.

Oiled up to save my beautiful skin from sharks with the LAQ light body oil, all atop the Eva skin in her base make up number one, this skin is so beautiful, if you haven’t been to get the demos yet you really need to, and to try the skin at a fraction of the price, you still have time to join TULI’s in world group and grab the generous gift she sent out in all tones.

Don’t forget to make time for PoseFair coming soon, but until then you can grab yourself a board and more at aDORKable .

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Picture 1:

Hair: Maranna No Bangs – Surf Co. (Sand Shack Surf )

Skin: Eva – TULI

Clothes: Moana Bikinis Surf Co. (Sand Shack Surf )

Body Oil Light – LAQ


Accessories: Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY [model] – GOS

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: aDORKable

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

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