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In whose mouth?

Innsmouth 1

I had the most amazing day yesterday. First off Happy Rezday Ashia Tomsen and Newdoll Nikolaidis, fancy that, they both joined SL the same day and didn’t meet until a year or so later – thanks 60 minutes for the cover story that brought them both here.

So I went off to do some shopping, and came across some lovelyness, TP’d over Whimsy and before we knew it we were off and roaming the sim. Our hearts leapt inside our chests when we came across one store, and we ended up TPing Newdoll over to join us for a day of roaming the grid, dressed like we had come straight off the plantation, see us HERE .

So in our travels we went to a fantastic sim via the search showcase,/editors picks, he/she did a good job on that selection. The sim is called Innsmouth and it is incredible, an old fishing village overrun by seamonsters, or something like that, The monsters were so not scary, that I kind of expected Scooby and Shaggy to come flying around the corner.

The sim is not only incredibly beautiful to visit, but you can also buy the buildings and recreate your own, at such an incredible bargain price.

I went back today, running into the talented hair creator Catty Loon, and took some more pics. This time wearing a little less fabric, but equally as pretty. The flower strapless dresses by Aoharu come with two skirt options, and are just lovely for by the waterfront strolling. Mind you the weather can turn and turn fast, lightning and torrential rain are what make this sim even scarier, I actually screamed yesterday walking back up the overturned bridge, when I heard footsteps behind me lol.

As much screaming went on today with the falling in love with the Audrey hat, old old old LeLutka , but so darn beautiful I had to buy two , and will probably have to get more later, I am just lucky that it’s woven, so the umbrella arm slid right up in there 😛 . I have no plans to show you more of Innsmouth, but I do urge you to go visit, with friends or solo, the sim is breathtaking.

Using the VR Studio Library HUD I was able to take pics on location with ease, the great thing about it is that no one knows what your up to as it is silent. Just link and pose, and you are good to go.

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LeLutka – Skin – Ife Dark Tan Base

Hair – Aradia, Lea 4 , Lea

Shoes – Saffron Pumps

Aoharu Flower Strapless Dresses

Essentia Red Hair Rose