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I love how much you can do in Second Life if you just have the time to do so. Mind you that should probably be ‘take the time to do so’. Yesterday Fiachra and I went to Dublin, world travelers we are, I have actually been to the real version, and I have to say the build even as dated as it is by Second Life standards now, is still fairly accurate on landing.

Today Ashia asked me to come to the UK, or maybe she dared me… not to sure either way. Unfortunately I have done enough traveling in the past few years for a while now, and so I had to make do with this post. Last night I stayed up all night and it is now already 7am, and I had the best time putting these pics together. For the most part I was in IM with the girls and Fiachra, even Mel came by to visit with me for a bit, only encouraging me more.

Our lot are like that, totally encouraging of each other in so many ways, a real support team…but then we will also make very sure and pull each other away from crazy town; if we feel one of us is taking a holiday there. We all totally have an effect on each other too, how we dress especially now more so than ever before. We seem to channel each other on any given day…but with our own sense of style.

So today is definitely my version of Ash, my version of Whimsy, and a bit of a mix of Jussy and Newdolly. I already channeled Sofia a few days ago but I am not telling which post lol. Such an incredible, and powerful mix of women, ones I am truly proud to be associated with.

Another amazing woman is Indyra of Indyra originals, over the years I have coveted many of her incredibly detailed sets. I have met her a few times in the past, and she even came to my birthday party one year – the one I actually turned up at, damn internet – her store is a perfect blend of high fashion, and ladieswear. She has such an incredible scope of what is hot and stylish, a finger on the pulse so to speak.

Such is the case with the first two items today, not so new as I have had them in my to blog folder from a shopping trip for MONTHS, I should be ashamed. Ironically when Indyra came to The Deck recently she was wearing the second set, and it just kicked me in the bum to get posting on it.

The first set is just drop dead hotness, the pieces on their own can be reworked into so many looks it is just fab. The second set actually also comes with dress pants, but the skirt is all win. Made in such a way as to be prims but shaped like a pencil skirt it is just divine, and I want one in all colours lol.

The top is pure Whimsy, with the animal print it is RAWR. I had fun with this one, the gloves are tinted to match the boots, even though gloves do come with the set, these ones were a better fit for the look I wanted. Two perfect hat/hair moments thanks to Maitreya YUM.

Now the boots we have to mention as they are divine! and New! and awesome! The Marina boots by SLink were released last night – go the Aussies – and the structure of them is just delightful. Very shiny though, I would love to see Siddean do them over again in a more subtle leather, as this one was a tad hard to wear with every day wear. Latex lovers will unite and cheer though, because they are just stunners. Beautiful built front platforms and incredibly high heels, what else is there to know, other than MUST HAVE.

Another Must have is the Leather Luggage sets from Shade Throne, I mean seriously how adorable is that. The bag I am holding has 6 different animations for it, and there is a sit in the floor luggage. A great prop, or just perfect for a finishing touch on a room.

When I saw the name of the next dress I knew I wanted to mix it up, and have some fun with it. It is intended as a cocktail dress, seeing as it is from Indyra’s Couture range, but Shirley Temple on the Rocks had me at Delora hair from Analog Dog lol…perfect bouncy curls that don’t get in the way like some of the longer styles may do. When thinking Shirley you think Lollipops and when you think those you think Violet Voltaire, well I do anyway, and sure enough her Jewelry was all win.

Wrapping this all around the gorgeous new skins from Amacci, the Felicia skin is athletic but still soft, and so sexy with the beautiful tones and broad make up range. Cleavage options and a hair base option will make many skin fans extremely happy with this skin, it looks fantastic on everyone I have seen it on so far.

Have a ripper weekend, and see where your TPs can take you.

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Hair: Ymre , Chloe – Maitreya

Delora – Analog Dog

Skin: Felicia – Amacci

Clothes: Fairfield Prep, Urban Agenda Leo – Indyra Originals

Shirley Temple on the Rocks -  Indyra Originals Couture Collection

Shoes/Boots: Marina Boots – SLink

Accessories: ST Suitcase set – Shade Throne

Leather Gloves (white tinted) – 5th & Oxford

Melodic Atrocity , White Cake Necklace ::Violet Voltaire::

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Miseria

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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