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TOO SEXY_Valentines 2010_Cover Final


Y O U   A R E   I N V I T E D !

TOO SEXY Magazine Launch

Pajama & Lingerie Party!

Sunday, January 31st 2010

1:00 PM slt


A Party So Big We Are Holding it on 2 Sims!

Primary Location: Benjaminz- TOO SEXY Magazine Launch Party


Secondary Location: SXY2ND Plaza Sim



1-2 PM slt: DJ Tristain Savon (Vengeance Radio)
2-3 PM slt: Live Music – Harper Messmer
3-4 PM slt: DJ Tristain Savon (Vengeance Radio)

L O T S   O F   F R E E   G I F T S   for   G U Y S  & G I R L S !!!

Dress Code: Your Favorite Pajamas, Loungewear or Lingerie!




Contact: Sienna Bellios, Co-Managing Editor, TOO SEXY Magazine.

I cannot wait for this event, join me and other Too Sexy people at the launch of Too Sexy Magazines Valentines Issue. I had the pleasure of spending time with Antonia Marat for this issue, see what she has planned for the future, and has to say about the past.

Anessa Stine and the crew from Too Sexy are looking forward to spending time with you the Too Sexy residents of SL.

Gift from YS & YS

Also as part of the Gifts, YS & YS have created a special gift for Too Sexy readers, these incredible shoes and handbag already holding it’s own copy of Too Sexy for you to read while you wait for friends, or chill at your favourite spot.
Do not miss out on these and other fab gifts at the party.

I would love to hear from you regarding this post :)

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