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Snugs You

Wow did I cap today, I am so glad that we have IM to email and so on..because without it you wouldn’t even know what it is that does cap. Those that don’t have it activated, I honestly don’t know how you survive, it is how I prepare for my day… I would be too scared to log in blindly lol.

So after I sorted through all of that, and did some What’s New SL work I met up with Ashia Tomsen for a natter. We were hanging around, catching up on some stuff I had missed, and then decided to go shopping. I hadn’t been to the Winter Sale at Creators Pavillion yet (yes they spell it with two L’s that’s why I can never find it in search) so we headed over there.

While there I couldn’t help myself but venture quickly over to Switch the sim next door, owned by the same group. I ventured into MNK and it was how I put this look together. Inspired by the tweed shorts, knowing that I could have another fun reason to put on my hat/hair from Maitreya.

Then there was instant and undeniably ooooooooo worthy love. My eyes caught the Knit Sweater hanging on the wall, looking all divine and stuff. It comes in other colour combination’s, but this was the one for me. the two layered look is just bliss, not only the overall structure of the sweaters combo, but the knit pattern as well, I mean this is such a traditional piece, it was like revisiting a long lost friend.

There are two options for wear, same with the shorts. The short version, and the longer with belt version. you can even wear it without the under layer long sleeve black top. The price will make it a must have for you, as do the prices throughout that store.

One thing I have to point out though, due to that awful bug we had a long time ago, where prims didn’t match texture, and tinting grey was the norm…a lot of stuff still has that tint on it, and sometimes the tint was added in ps to accommodate, which means that you cannot match it to texture so easily. For me it was a case of needing to instead tint the pants layers – thank god for mod – in appearance mode, to get the prims to match the texture. This wont be the case for all, as we all see things different, but just to let you know, that is an option if needed.

Revisiting another favourite, in the form of the Persona Pin Up skin by SODA. When these were released it was, and still is, instant appeal. The full lips, the incredible features to the face, and sexy body shading. The options that you get in the pack is awesome also, with each single you get four lips. so if you were to get the fat pack you get over 30 skins, and yes, down there is perfect for whatever and however your clothing is cut lol.

There are others in the series, Pin Up, Model and Girl Next Door…as well as her other skin lines. I cannot wait for a new release that I heard whispers of are coming soon.

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Hair: Ymre II – Maitreya

Skin: Persona Skins – The Pinup – Smokey – Nude – SODA

Clothes: Knit Sweater_White_KALMIA labo. (MNK**SHOP)

Tweed Pants_H&S_Gray_KALMIA labo.(MNK*SHOP)

Shoes/Boots: Long Boots Round – J’s

Accessories: TAKARA Bangle/Buddha silver/ Ring & Nail – Mandala

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Long Awkward Pose

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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