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ColeMarie Soleil I met over a year ago, she was all a sparkle and incredibly friendly and fun. I was able to visit her sim with her and some other friends, such as Tesla and Kriss, and marvelled at the beautiful mind that she puts out into our 3D environment. Since then I have been more and more amazed by her talent, she is a celebrated Machinimist amongst not only Second Life residents, but recently got a first life project due to her creative talent. If you want to learn a little more about ColeMarie you can see an interview she did recently HERE . Also a link to all of her previous Machinima HERE .

This latest offering from ColeMarie is as beautiful as any I have seen from her in the past, and features the music of Emilie Simon, who I am a fan of, and have often thought needed to do a music clip in world. The song is beautiful and the Machinima is outstanding. Click the pic to watch.

Or click HERE .